Four Bands You Should Have Told Me About Sooner

So enough about stealing music. Here are four videos from the Youtube or Facebook pages of some of my favorite bands that I’ve found in the last year: Walk Off the Earth, Pomplamoose, The Civil Wars, and The National. It’s Friday! Take a moment to indulge in some awesome tunes, and then let me know in the comments about your favorite, recent, musical discoveries.

Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)

Pomplamoose – If You Think You Need Some Lovin

The Civil Wars // Tour Diary // 08

About Today (live) by THE NATIONAL

14 Replies to “Four Bands You Should Have Told Me About Sooner”

  1. My husband loves the Civil Wars. I am lukewarm on them, but sure. Fine.

    I suspect, Shawn, that one reason for your penchant for Pomplamoose because you like to say the name. Admit it, you say it in your head, and then out loud.

    Finally, I know I’m late the Florence party but dang I love that Machine.

    1. Pomplamoose is fun to say. I’ll give you that.

      And I love The Machine accompanied by a girl named Florence…but their videos are WEIRD. :)

      1. You can’t go wrong anywhere on the High Violet album. On Boxer, check out Racing Like a Pro, Start a War, Fake Empire, Slow Show…actually, that whole album is really good too. I am so helpful.

  2. The only one I wasn’t familiar with is Walk Off the Earth. So glad you pointed them out! I could talk about the music I’m listening to for days on end. I should send you the mix I made of my new favorite music from 2011.

  3. Shawn, I have been listening obsessively to the Cocteau Twins this week. Upon first listening, it would be easy enough to say “Drum machines? Dated ’80s production? What is this? Enya avant-garde?” :) But it is some of the most divine stuff one can possibly encounter. Their album “Treasure” is a brilliant example of the kind of material they put out so consistently throughout their career. Everyone always describes them as “ethereal,” and this is accurate. But vocalist Liz Fraser (once heralded by the English press as “the voice of God”) sings sounds and syllables and sometimes words. Sometimes she sings in English. Other times she sings words that are purely her inventions. The vocal parts swim like dolphins in and out of the pillowy, shimmering soundscape, and the music itself is obtuse but angelic and otherworldly. I dismissed them when I first heard them, thinking they were a band I would never understand. But the nuances of their songwriting, their performances, their aesthetics, are too advanced and original to dismiss. They are, in fact, the sorts of things one uses the word “genius” to describe (without any intent of pretense). :)

  4. great stuff.

    You gotta hook up with I find new music this way (including these ones here) It’s wonderful to listen to while you work. or cook. etc.

    Part I of your II part video interview primers this Monday. WHOOT.

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