The Great Cereal Debate, Settled By the Amish

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Today’s cyber book tour continues on to the following, breath-taking locations:

– Clay Morgan hosted me for a Q&A segment which includes a Choose Your Own Adventure Segment as well as a look into my upcoming projects

– Alise Wright also was kind enough to host me at her blog for a Q&A about the book…and also threw in a question about cereal and the Amish in an attempt to settle our Great Cereal Debate.

– Amber over at Bumber’s Bumblings let me take the reigns at her blog today and guest post, but not before she shared the crazy and random way in which Maile and I met her and her husband. My post there is an excerpt from the book, so if you’d like a peek inside, head on over there.

– Caleb Wilde was kind enough to post an excerpt from the book where I talk about the funeral customs of the Amish: “Sewing Your Own Funeral Clothes”


3 Replies to “The Great Cereal Debate, Settled By the Amish”

  1. Personally, I think that your ancestors would have had a greater problem with luck AND charms, but only a problem with the gold part of my cereal. But you know, I like to be courteous to those I’m hosting.

    Thanks so much for the Q&A, especially when I got them questions to you like 10 minutes before the post went up.

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