Share Your Favorite November Blog Post

It’s been far too long since I’ve done this here at the blog. A busy autumn has me feeling like butter spread over too much bread (thanks for that saying, Bilbo). So, as in traditions past, today is your chance to share three things in the comments:

1) What’s the best blog post you read on the interwebs during the month of November?

2) What’s your favorite cereal? (We all know the answer to that one, but I’ll let you humor me with your substandard choices).

3) And, if you’re a blogger, what was the most popular post that you wrote during the month all the turkeys hate?

Leave your answers in the comments, and in the next few weeks I’ll try to read through all of them and give you a rundown of the best of the best.

21 Replies to “Share Your Favorite November Blog Post”

  1. 1) From Single Parent Faith about “Creating Memories”:

    2) Great Grains

    3) I posted earlier this month for Comment Magazine an article called Non-Profit Moneyball:

    This was part review of the movie, part discussion of Jesus’ approach to team building and part reflection on how I apply these principles to my work with non-profits.

  2. 1) I really, really loved this post by Ken Hagerman:

    2) Golden Grahams, and I’ll cut anyone who believes otherwise. Okay, not really. I’ll just wave a box of Golden Grahams in their face and ask them why they hate goodness so much.

    3) I finally got around to writing about my relationship with my best friend, who just happens to be a man. I write about him all the time, but never about the dynamic of our cross-gender relationship. Some really good discussion on this one, “More Than Friends”:

    Thanks and congrats to you on your release day! WOOHOO!

  3. 1. I’m not sure I can say I had a favorite because I have a group of them. So to spare you a ton of links, I’ve enjoyed all the posts from Mashable.

    2. Alise made me laugh aloud, but since she clarified that she wouldn’t actually cut me, I’ll be honest, Raisin Nut Bran. No, I’m not 80, I just grew up on it and love it!

    3. My blog this month would have to be one I wrote about the Penn State scandal and a perspective I think is important that isn’t being addressed.

  4. 1. I’ve been behind on my reading with school wrapping up in two weeks.
    2. Crispix.
    3. I’m not sure which was read more, but I know that I reworked a post about losing my dog from last year and the unexpected rush of memories that came back around that ( and the post about why Father’s day is never quite the same anymore ( were both pretty popular.

  5. By the way, I think it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that all of these cereal choices are actually SECOND-favorite cereals, falling far behind the incomparable Lucky Charms.

  6. 1. By far the best thing I read was I’m a Christian, Unless You’re Gay:

    2. Um, I don’t really eat breakfast and if I do, it’s oatmeal all the way.

    3. My favorite piece I wrote was In Which I’m the One That Got Away: I wrote it not expecting much response and was blown away by the comments and emails I received.

    P.S. Happy Release Day!!!

  7. 1. Some of the best posts I’ve read recent are Deborah Bryan’s posts on bullying and it’s consequences –

    2. Weetabix. Always evokes childhood memories.

    3. Judging from my blog’s analytics, my most popular post was ‘The Enemies of Books: Why we need books, libraries and a free internet’. Actually, never mind November, it ‘s my most popular post for a long time; it’s at

  8. 1) I’m way beyond the baby-bedtime-routine stage, but I loved this post by Abraham Piper. My 5-minute, ultra-perfunctory, baby bedtime routine.

    2) Kashi… Crunch! Honey Almond Flax (I know, I know … but I’m kinda nutty and flakey)

    3) I never expected this, but these two posts are almost tie for my most-read this month … Why am I Bothered by the Duggars?
    And My Philadelphia Half-Marathon Recap…

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