My Cyber Book Tour Begins Today!

All week I’m taking this show on the road. Some of my favorite bloggers have agreed to help me promote my new book, My Amish Roots, by either hosting a guest post, a question and answer session, or reviewing the book. Here are today’s links:

“When Death Leads to Life” – This is posted over at Brenda Boitson’s blog. She became a widow at an early age, as did my great-great-grandmother Catherine. Today I share how, without Catherine becoming a widow, I wouldn’t exist.

Over at Chad Thomas Johnston’s amazingly creative website, I talk about how the singer Natalie Merchant impacted my desire to write a family history book.

Not too long ago, Leigh Kramer made a similar leap of faith as Maile and I, leaving her established career and chasing a dream. Today I’m guest-posting over at her blog: “Birth and Death are not Bookends.”

Finally, if you’d like to hear more about the book from a third party, check out these book reviews of My Amish Roots by Glynn Young or Tor Constantino. Both are detailed, well-written, and extremely generous.

Check these blogs out. But don’t simply read about the ways they are helping me to promote my book – enjoy some of their own writing, too. They represent some of my favorite bloggers on the Internet.

Announcement #2: I’m running a fun promotion through the end of the year. If you subscribe to my mailing list by simply putting your email address over in the sidebar and clicking “Subscribe,” you will have a chance to win. Each Friday from now until Christmas, I’ll be giving out a free copy of my book to two randomly chosen subscribers. And, on the last Friday of December, I’ll randomly choose one subscriber who will win one copy of each of my four books. So sign up now for a chance to ring out 2011 in style. A bookish style. Something along the lines of a partying librarian.

Simple instructions? Subscribe and then go check out the blogs linked above.

I also want to say thanks you, loyal followers of this blog: even with the holiday, November was my 2nd busiest month ever here at, and that’s because of all you folks faithfully reading and sharing the posts you like. So thanks for the love, and check back here each day this week to find out the latest stops on my cyber book-tour.

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