My 56 New Year’s Resolutions

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Usually I make one resolution every year. They usually don’t go very well. I thought that maybe if I made 56 of them, at least one would stick. Here they are:

Get a real Christmas tree next Christmas.

Read more books.

Spend less time on the winternets.

Throw baseball with Cade more often.

Take my daughters out on more dates.

Wrestle with my son Sam whenever he wants.

Take my wife out to dinner more often.

Care even less about owning things.

Go outside in the cold more often.

Exercise more than I did in 2012 (not going to be difficult).

Start conversations with strangers.

Treat grumpy people with kindness.

Care less about what others think of my writing.

Write a few books.

Shop local.

Promote other writers and their projects whenever possible.

Take a trip around the country.

Be more protective of children in vulnerable situations.

Take more afternoon naps.

Judge less.

Compliment more.

Consume less sugar.

Drink more alcohol.

Start more bonfires for the kids.

Wash my car at least once.

Connect more with my sisters.

Celebrate everything.

Kill more stinkbugs.

Go to a few writing conferences.

Watch all six seasons of Lost again.

Watch less television at night.

Watch more television on the weekends.


Stop saying “NO” to my kids over trivial things.

Come to terms with my disdain for politics.

Stop picking the shopping cart with the wonky wheel.

Accept the fact that it is my destiny to drive minivans.

Daydream more.

Go to the next level of honesty and vulnerability in my writing.

Lower my expectations of church people.

Go to bed earlier.

Stay up later.

Get up earlier.

Sleep in later.

Stop caring if people find out about my failures.

Do something to fight against human trafficking.

Start a foundation that financially supports families who are adopting children.

Do more surprising (nice) things for my wife.

Pay for the person behind me at the toll booth every time.

Pray more.

Meditate more.

Listen more.

Embrace simplicity.

Find peace in solitude.

Be thankful.

Love with no strings attached.


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Congrats jgrow2@lghealth – you have won one copy of each of my four books! Email me at and let me know where to mail them.

Happy New Year, everyone!

16 Replies to “My 56 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Wew! That is quite a list. I am tired just reading it! Good luck. And may your New Year be prosperous in ways you hope as well as in ways you do not expect.

  2. What a great list! Very attainable too :). Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I just made a bunch of crazy ones for January. I’ll see how that turns out! Happy New Year!

  3. Love your list. Go to bed earlier. Stay up later. hehe.

    It actually is a great list. Very family friendly .

    Have a blessed New Year. Stay up later tonight.

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