In Which I Address the Rumor That I Am Writing a Teen Vampire Romance Novel

Today my cyber book tour will make the following stops:

– An interview with Bryan Allain in which he exposes his own Amish connections

– Tim Thurman has been kind enough to let me post an excerpt from my book regarding the death of my great-grandmother. If you’re interested in getting a look inside the book, check out his blog today.

Mary Kathryn Tyson is posting a review, so if you’re looking for a third party’s take on my book, head on over there.

– History? Truth? Lies? Myth? Check out my guest post over at Stephanie Smith’s blog as I try to decipher when a family history becomes a family mythology.

– David Nilsen, who runs the best games of 20 questions on Facebook, is posting a Q&A with me at his blog about my book. Let’s be honest: it’s a tell all. I even answer the question, “And is there any truth to the rumor of your teen vampire romance novel seeing a late 2012 release?”

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