How I Am Better Than Michael Jordan

When you think of the number 23, who comes to mind?

Most people with any exposure to the world of sports think of Michael Jordan. Perhaps the greatest basketball player to ever stick out his tongue, Jordan brought a certain level of fame to the previously obscure #23.

So as I watched Knox McCoy’s inductions into Awesometown lead up to the 23rd person, I assumed that Knox would use it as an opportunity to induct Michael Jordan, the personification of the number 23. But he didn’t go with Michael.

He went with me.

So head on over to Knox McCoy’s website today and check out my induction into Awesometown. First of all, he’s one of the funniest writers out there, and his I’m a devoted follower of his Bachelorette recaps (even though I don’t watch The Bachelorette – that’s how funny he is). This Awesometown interview is the most entertaining question and answer session I’ve ever been part of: it involves my new book, the Wizard of Oz, time machines, and taking on the persona of Magnum P.I. Seriously, check it out HERE.

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