Five Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Being Thirty-Five

Today I turn 35. I’ve decided to enjoy getting older. In spite of the increasing white in my beard, and the realization (thanks to my friend Doug) that I am just as close to 50 as I am to 20, life seems to get better each year. Wait. It’s not that life’s circumstances are getting that much better; I just feel better equipped to enjoy whatever life has in store.

But I do have great expectations for this coming year.

Reason #1 I’m looking forward to 35: Today, Tuesday, December 20th, we will wake up at 5am and drive north a few hours to the adoption hearing for my beautiful niece Maizie. I wrote about my expectations on Friday and will no doubt be sharing the story of today at some later date. In the mean time, here’s a photo of the newest member of our extended family:

Reason #2 I’m looking forward to 35: I’ve been blessed with some amazing writing projects to work on in the coming year. Some are carry-overs from last year; others I’ll be starting brand new in 2012. Every morning I wake up (well, most mornings) I go into shock that I get to write every day. As you might imagine, this is difficult for my wife, as she is forced to revive me on a daily basis. I guess when you’re self-employed you never know how long something like this will last, but I’m thankful to God for this writing life.

Reason #3 I’m looking forward to 35: Maile, the kids, and I are hitting the road this year! Starting in February we hope to take a 10,000 mile trek around the country for four months in my uncle’s bus-converted-to-a-house-on-wheels. I’m hoping to use this trip as an opportunity to catch up with writers all over the country. I’m also hoping we survive my attempts at driving a forty-foot vehicle towing a minivan. Stay tuned for an itinerary – we might be stopping in a town near you, and, if we are, I’d love to meet you and your writer friends.

Reason #4 I’m looking forward to 35: As part of our cross-country excursion, we plan on heading to Nashville where Maile and I will attend Bryan Allain’s Killer Tribes Conference. The speaker list is awesome, and loads of attendees are friends I’ve made online and can’t wait to meet in person. If you are a small business person, musician, writer, or artist, you should seriously consider attending. Details HERE.

Reason #5 I’m looking forward to 35: Maile and I will have our 13th wedding anniversary! Woo-hoo!

What do you like about being your age (without, of course, any pressure to mention specifics regarding the number)?

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