And the Two Winners of “My Amish Roots” Are…

Friday night at 10pm, after we finished watching A Christmas Story, I walked over to Maile and asked her to choose two random numbers. She looked annoyed, but was gracious enough to choose 7 and 25. I went down the list of subscribers to my email list and -wham!-

This week’s winners of a free copy of My Amish Roots are Dawn Paolucci-Eckert and Rosanna Dawn. I’ll send you an email for your mailing address and send the books out on Monday. Congratulations! Stay tuned next Saturday for the next two winners.

* * * * *

Want to win a free copy of My Amish Roots? Subscribe to my email list. Each Friday from now until Christmas, I’ll be giving out a free copy of my book to two randomly chosen subscribers. And, on the last Friday of December, I’ll randomly choose one subscriber who will win a copy of each of my four books.

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A huge thanks to the 25 folks this week who helped spread the word about my book this week through reviews, guest posts, and Q&As. They are all quality writers that you’ll want to follow, so if you have a chance look back through this week’s posts, click over to their sites, and have a gander at their mad skillz.

* * * * *

Today, from 11am to 3pm, I’ll be selling My Amish Roots at the Gap Family Center’s Christmas Spectacular. Come on by for cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, and general merriment.


3 Replies to “And the Two Winners of “My Amish Roots” Are…”

  1. I would love to win a copy! I also have Amish roots, but not in Lancaster. I grew up in Belleville, and most of my family is from there too, but my mom’s mom is from Elizabethtown. I live in West Chester now, and I love driving through your area on my way back to Belleville. The scenery is the same and it feels like home, except Belleville is contained within mountains.

  2. I read My Amish Roots on my kindle, and i’d love to have a hard copy for my best friend!

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