What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?

Today it’s time for a little game: can you guess the literary characters my children are named after? Free copies of my new book, “My Amish Roots” are up for grabs.

The first three people to correctly guess where their names come from, as well as the single most creative/off-the-wall guess will win a copy (still in preorder mode – the book will ship around December 1st). If no one gets all four correct, the three who guess the most correct will win.

Here are their names…what literary characters inspired us? (hint – you have to give a full first and last name plus the name of the book this character can be found in).

1 – Cade

2 – Lucy

3 – Abra

4 – Sam

Good luck!

14 Replies to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Cade from Kincaid in The Brothers K
    Lucy-Chronicles of Narnia
    Abra-East of Eden
    Sam from Samuel in East of Eden

    Love you guys!

  2. Okay I just read all the instructions that I have to give last names too! Oops!

    Let me try again-
    Cade from Kincaid Chance in The Brothers K
    Lucy from Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia
    Abra from Abra Bacon in East of Eden
    Sam from Samuel Hamilton in East of Eden


  3. This is tough.

    Cade – Gone With the Wind?
    Lucy – Chronicles of Narnia
    Abra – Genesis feminine version of Abram?
    Sam – The Lord of the Rings


  4. Whoops – Just caught (like Laura) you’re requiring last names. As if the first names aren’t hard enough!!

    Cade Calvert – Gone With the Wind
    Lucy Pevensie – Chronicles
    Abra ? – Genesis
    Samwise Gamgee – The Lord of The Rings

  5. I just feel like uneducated swine. I read most of those books and the only name I remember is Lucy Pevensie. Do I get points for last name?

  6. Cade is obviously from the acclaimed coffee table books of Thomas Kincade (I know how much you like them.)

    Lucy is from the classic work of Charles Schultz: Nobody likes you Charlie Brown.

    Abra is the fox in the best-selling Pokemon novella

    And obviously Sam is the title character of my all time favorite children’s book, green eggs and ham (Seuss).

  7. Laura – You got them all right. Surprise, surprise… :)

    Jeremy – One out of four isn’t bad.

    Rob – Loved the guesses.

    I will be sending each of you a free copy of my newest book, “My Amish Roots,” when it comes out just after Thanksgiving. Please email your address to shawnsmucker @ yahoo.com

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