The Two Main Reasons I Started Blogging

About 18 months ago, I started blogging. There were two main reasons for this:

1 – Maile and I decided to not watch television for one year. Which we mostly did, except for the World Cup and a few other minor episodes. During the first week of no television, I got so bored that I decided to start blogging.

2 – Bryan Allain.

Soon after moving back to Lancaster, PA, the place where I had grown up but hadn’t lived for nearly 15 years, I met Bryan. He had married an old friend of mine. Word on the street was that he was a writer, so I looked him up.

He told me about this thing called blogging and I thought it sounded like fun. So you can thank (or blame) him for this blog.

I love hanging out with Bryan because he’s always giving me new ideas and making me think about writing in different ways. Our breakfasts are usually brainstorming sessions where we talk about what we’re doing and the other person doles out free advice. Bryan’s helped me a lot with my blog, usually over breakfast at a nice little place called Country Gardens. And now all of the insider knowledge he dishes to me in those early morning hours can be yours – all you have to do is check out his new ebook:

31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

It’s hilarious. It’s as full of sage blogging advice as a Greek omelet is full of feta. And spinach. And you don’t have to wake up at 6am and meet Bryan at Country Gardens to get “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.” All you have to do is click the link. (And pay for it, but 499 pennies is such a small price).

What’s your breakfast food of choice? If you had to wager on who normally orders the healthier breakfast, would you choose me or Bryan?

2 Replies to “The Two Main Reasons I Started Blogging”

  1. Ok. Any man with a passion for Steinbeck deserves to be heard when recommending books. Buying today. Also, the 13 year old gets to read “The Pearl” this year. Excited!

  2. thanks Shawn!

    I really enjoy enjoy our breakfasts as well, especially how I get all my talking done before the food comes and then when the waitress drop two plates of biscuits and gravy in front of you I say “so tell me what’s new with you!”

    thanks again for the review!

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