The Verdict on Whether or not I Will Run the Tough Mudder

Last week I mentioned a difficult decision confronting me: should I, or should I not, run the Tough Mudder? I mentioned my lack of affinity for cold water, and the fact that I am in terrible shape. I took all of your feedback into account (extremely professional, by the way). I also spoke with various friends, a few of whom are going to be running in the event that day.

And I made my decision.

So, as a way of kicking reason in the shins, I signed up to run the Tough Mudder in New Jersey during the first week of November.

I’ll be scaling walls, jumping into freezing cold water, running through smoke and fire, and quite possibly getting jolted with shocks of electricity, all throughout a ten-mile muddy obstacle course. And I’ll be doing this with about seven other guys, on a brisk Sunday morning in November. Probably in some strange outfit, although that hasn’t been discussed yet.

This got me thinking about you guys.

What’s the weirdest, strangest (or dumbest) thing you’ve ever done? Do you regret it?

And don’t you think that Bryan Allain should join me?

16 Replies to “The Verdict on Whether or not I Will Run the Tough Mudder”

    1. Wow, that’s great. My big adventure was going to be driving up Pike’s Peak by myself. You sure trumped me!

  1. If it helps at all, your first post on this inspired me to pester my friends to do the Indiana event with me next year. Hopefully they’ll give in. I can’t wait!

  2. Nice! Have fun!

    Oh, If you are doing the one on the 12th, then you can just think to yourself as you are running through flaming electricity, “This is so much better than what Ben is doing today. He’s just getting married. I’m running and insane race. Sucker!”

  3. I might have given this an iota of consideration had i not run a trail half-marathon a couple years ago. While the tough mudder is shorter, it’s definitely going to be more challenging. and that trail half was more than i could take.

    good luck to you though! I’m going to skip church that morning just so I’m cozy in bed while you’re running.

  4. I’m not sure if I should say “congrats” or call the Justice Dept. This sounds more like torture than waterboarding! I don’t think Bryan Allain should run with you though. He can get from the batters box to first as fast as anyone but I’m not so sure about his speed when he is being electrocuted.

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