Get in Over Your Head

Anyone else out there love to be in control?

Most of the time I’d prefer to be driving any car I’m in – even last weekend, when I was showing a Navy SEAL around the area, it never occurred to me to let him drive (even though he had taken courses on driving backwards and stunt driving while shooting a pistol through the back window).

I wasn’t a great business person because I wanted to do everything myself. Who needs a store manager? They’ll just screw it up.

I hated group projects in college because I am lousy at trusting other people.

Many times I used to look at how closely I controlled my life and I wondered, How could anything great ever happen? If anything started to happen that deviated from my planned course, I pulled on the reins and got it back under control, ensuring an incredible predictable, mediocre existence.

But what would happen if I let go a little? Then we made some crazy decisions, let things get out of control, and six months later I was writing for a living. Two years later and things are still going well, but I feel like life has plateaued. Maybe it’s time to let things get out of control again.

* * * * *

What would happen if you decided you’re going to do that thing you’ve been thinking about doing, even if it led to something out of your control? What if you started that business? What if you asked that person out? What if you decided to start trying to have children? What if you started writing that book?

What if you got out of the shallow end and started swimming?

What if you got in over your head?

How would that look in your life, right now?

5 Replies to “Get in Over Your Head”

  1. Right now, I am in over my head. I took on a new client and have yet to pass on an old client to someone else in my office. It needs to be that way short term. Hopefully, it does end up being short term. I’ll let you know. :-)

    1. You saw right through it. I got home last night from training with Ben and Burnie and thought, “I am in way over my head,” and then immediately after that I thought, “This is such a good place to be.”

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