Frederick Fair, Day 9: Too Many Food Options

Within one hundred paces of where I am sitting right now (and for the record, it’s 10:27am on Wednesday morning) exists pretty much any kind of fair food you could ever want. The shortlist:

– Kettle corn
– Shave ice
– Butterfly potatoes
– Soft pretzels
– Jumbo turkey legs
– Crab cakes
– French fries
– Gyros
– Ice cream
– Sausage
– Funnel cake
– Caramel apples
– Cotton candy
– Lemonade
– Pizza

I could go on but just writing this list is giving me chest pains and causing my cholesterol level to rival Andre the Giant’s.

So what’s your favorite fair food? Which of these sound absolutely disgusting? What did I miss?

9 Replies to “Frederick Fair, Day 9: Too Many Food Options”

  1. . . . and I believe I saw you with an ice cream cone around 10:30. Was that a chocolate/vanilla twist?

  2. ugh…fair food makes my stomach turn..literally! I came home and was sick the next day. But there is always next year!

  3. Always get a gyro at the Coastal Carolina Fair and usually a funnel cake.

    I have to say though, my all-time favorite is the Krispy Kreme Bacon Double Cheese Burger: A burger with two glazed Krispy Kreme Donuts as buns! I am hoping that this year they figure out a way to batter and deep fry the whole thing!

    Now where is my portable AED machine……..

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