Should I Run the Tough Mudder?

I have a lot in common with my dad. (Somewhere in the space-time continuum, my fourteen-year-old self is screaming in agony at that sentence).

We both like to have our alone time. We both like communicating with people. And perhaps most importantly (drum roll please)…

We both have an inexplicable disdain for cold water.

Hold that thought.

* * * * *

Most days of my life, I sit in my wife and I’s rather small bedroom. Our queen-sized bed leaves little space for anything else, but we’ve managed to wedge a small desk against the far wall. I cannot move my chair back far enough to exit said chair, but the seat swivels. Otherwise I would be inextricably trapped, staring at my computer screen. Forever.

Anyway, starting at around 7:30am and continuing until lunch time, I sit in this chair. I waste time. I check stock prices. I tweet. After lunch, I return, rinse, repeat.

Oh, yeah, and I write.

But as Donald Miller so astutely points out in his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” a writer’s output can stall when their input ceases. In other words, if I’m not living a good story, I will have trouble writing one.

* * * * *

My friend Dave is getting a group of guys together to run the Tough Mudder in New Jersey. In November. It’s basically a 12-14 mile obstacle course in which you run through mud, electricity, fire, smoke and, in many instances, fall into freezing cold water.

I hate cold water.

But there’s the thing. I know that training for this and running it would give me lots of blog fodder for the next three months. In other words, I’d be living a more exciting life. I also know that I need to get into better shape. Okay. I need to get into some kind of shape that’s better than what I’ve currently got, cause this shape ain’t working (especially now that my wife is doing the Insanity workouts – she is leaving me in the dust).

This would give me a reason to get into shape.

What do you think? Should I do it? Has sitting in front of a small desk for eight hours a day reduced my mind to a mound of irrational mush? Check out the video – want to join us?


20 Replies to “Should I Run the Tough Mudder?”

  1. DO IT! And like Michael said, we want video!!! We’ll have to find someone to take it. Or maybe I’ll come take video. maybe. We’ll see. But my point is, do it, it’ll be awesome I’m sure!

  2. I think you should do it!

    But only if you want to … I love Don Miller’s book and his thoughts about living a more exciting life … but I’ve seen people take that too far and they do things that they hate or things others pressure them to or simply to say they did it (worst reason!) … instead of doing things for the pure experience of them.

    Do it for you … for the challenge, for the experience, for the camaraderie with friends, for your health and your life will be better for it … but don’t do it just for others. (hope that makes sense)

    I’m considered doing one … but with my compromised leg, I can’t. (not even sure if the organizer would allow me to) I can’t risk getting a cut on my scarred calf and then getting mud/dirt in it and getting an infection.

    Also, love this line in this post … “Somewhere in the space-time continuum, my fourteen-year-old self is screaming in agony at that sentence.”

  3. DO IT! My fiance and I are signed up for the one in December down in Tampa. I’m stoked!

    I haven’t been training as much as I should but I’ve been on a running regiment. I’ll start weight training in a few weeks.

    I’m definitely counting on blog fodder from that!

  4. I think that the Tough Mudder is insane, but I do agree that DOING something is important for writing. I know I was feeling the “holy crap, I’m the most boring person ever” pinch at the beginning of the summer. Starting running was a great step at breaking out of the rut that I was in.

    But adding cold water to it might just be too much. ;-D

  5. I did it this past April near Lancaster! You should totally do it bro. I don’t know about your irrational mush but go for it.

    I am looking forward to doing another next year, it will be a yearly thing for me. The community and camaraderie that exists between tough mudders is something the “church” could learn from to throw in a comment on some of your other stuff I’ve been reading.

    Yeah, so now you know. Yoho reads!

    In Grace…

  6. Just signed Ben up…you better get a move on it as it is already filling up! So awesome for you guys!

  7. That looks like the Warrior Dash on steroids. You better get your butt into training mode if you want to do it. That is a LONG way to run through an obstacle course.

  8. Well, it seems you are doing the same option weighing I did when I was asked to run the Warrior Dash this past year. I don’t like heights and didn’t have much faith in leaping over fire or my upper body strength. But, there was an inner lion just racing to get out and do it. Honestly, it was one of the hugest adrenaline rushes ever.

    I was asked to do the Tough Mudder…honestly, it’s a little much for me and I’d probably prefer a local adventure race or mud run. But, it is you that will be facing fears (or cold water dislikes), so you’ll have to know that you can depend on your team. I’ve heard that you’ll need a team working together to be able to finish.

    Good luck in your decision process!

  9. Do it, and set a training regimen, and while I will not run through electricity or smoke, I will train with you. How’s that for double-motivation? Making me suffer and knowing I will make you feel miserable if you don’t physically suffer.

  10. Notice my silence, everyone. Too many supporters. Jason, you don’t count – there’s no way I’m taking cold showers for a month.

  11. Hey man,

    Definitely do it! I did a Spartan Sprint for the first time in August (only 3 miles) and it was wicked fun. Because of that, I signed up for the TM in NJ this year too!

    My friend and I ended up suckering 12 others to do it with us. It will definitely provide you with writing material. I’m using this as a short-term goal to focus on training for the distance world record on a pogo stick. Not only will it help with training, but it will help with my own site as well to post updates and such between 5Ks.

    If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now!

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