Help Determine the Future of my Blog

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the focus of this blog and where I’d like to go with it in the near future. Would you mind answering these three questions in the comments section below? Feel free to also let me know any other thoughts you have on the content. Thanks!

1) Which type of post do you prefer reading on my blog?
a) Posts on writing (posts like Five Writing Lesson I’ve Learned in the First Half of Writing a Novel)
b) Posts on postmodern religion (stuff like What’s Wrong With John 3:16 or The Opposite of Love is not Hate)
c) Creative pieces (posts like Hiding Under His Bed, Reading a Wrinkle in Time)
d) Something else I’ve written

2) Which type of post do you typically skip?
a) Posts on writing
b) Posts on postmodern religion
c) Creative pieces
d) Something else

3) Which of the following would you prefer?
a) I only post about writing
b) I only post about postmodern religion
c) I continue doing two or three of each every week

Thanks! I have this sense that my blog is about to shift direction, but I’m not sure why. Your input is helpful and appreciated.


34 Replies to “Help Determine the Future of my Blog”

  1. 1. I think you do all three well, but I favor C because you’re one of the only bloggers in my circle really going that route. Everyone (including me) does B and most do A at some point, but you’re one of the few who do C and do it so well.
    2. Haven’t skipped any in a long time.
    3. C.

  2. I agree largely with what David said. I love your blogs about B, but you also do C very well. Thanks for blogging Shawn!

  3. I think writing all of those kinds of pieces is great for variety’s sake, frankly. Why restrict yourself? If anything, branching out and having the wingspan of an albatross can only make you soar further. ;)

    You have a solid blog. I wish I had more time to read it. I wish more people would read mine too, for that matter. But life is busy, and it may be better for people to spend quality time with their families than to devote themselves with religious fervor to any blog. :) Ha!

    I say keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s not broken, and you therefore do not need to fix a thing.

    1. Thanks, Chad.

      For anyone else reading this, check out Chad’s site. He’s in the process of finding a publisher for his book. Very good stuff.

  4. I’m with Chad. I like your blog as is, and really don’t think it needs “branding” or exclusive focus. I’m sort of an a/b/d reader but that doesn’t mean I ignore category C — I go back to them, rather than zipping over here the minute you post. But I do go back and check them out!

    1. And FYI, I used to read Donald Millers blog a lot, I stop by your more often for reason i do not know. I think you are better at content and switching things up and piquing a new interest or thought.

      1. Wow, that’s a huge compliment. Thanks John.

        And there’s plenty of chicken here for everyone now. We need to schedule another Smucker/Sanderson gathering.

  5. 1. I have a hard time picking which one. I like them all.
    2. I do not skip any of your posts
    3. I love exactly what you are doing with your blog — don’t change a thing!

  6. Well, if I’m honest about my selfishness, I read your writing blogs most. I usually skip the religion ones – which is odd, because I love what you have to say there when I give myself the treat of reading it – and I don’t always read the creative ones. . . . but that says a lot more about me than it does about what you should do, Shawn.

    I say write what pleases you and what gives you joy and leave the rest . . . I expect most of us will keep reading no matter what.

  7. I like your theology and writing posts the best – I prefer nonfiction over fiction most of the time unless they’re trashy graphic novels (aka long-form comic books). Thanks for letting us sound off!

  8. Go with your guts, Shawn. The things you are most passionate about will make the most engaging and interesting blog.

    I enjoy many of your posts and fwd them along often.

    Have a good one.

  9. I think content has to be where you want to write, where you are inspired or have something you want to share. Blogs that are too focused feel driven but not necessarily authentic or even interesting to read.
    I find that I am not keeping up with people who write every day. I end up feeling disconnected because I must have missed something. Though there are those few writers that I have to check everyday because their content is so good.

      1. I think the reader can feel when you are writing just to post or writing something you don’t feel. I have a few blogs that I used to love to read but somewhere along the way it felt like they lost their voice, their authenticity as they became more business focused. I stopped reading then.

  10. 1) C

    2) B

    3) It’s like Chex Mix – sometimes I like the brown crispies and sometimes I like the curvy sticks. Variety.

  11. I guess I like the mix here. The b) religious ones probably draw me in most often, but I’ve enjoyed the other types as well. I think I enjoy reading because it is a mix, and therefore always sounds fresh and new.

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