The Best Blog Posts of June 2011

Thanks to everyone for submitting their most-read blog posts of June! Every month I look forward to meeting new bloggers and connecting people to my old favorites. For a complete list of reader submissions, check this post out (and if you have time, read through all of them – I just don’t have the time or space to review each one here, but they are all enjoyable reads).

Of all the posts that were submitted, these were the five that jumped out at me:

Ken Mueller’s “How I Nearly Tripled My Blog Traffic”

Ken gives us some detailed insight into growing a blog: a few helpful hints of which I needed to be reminded, and more than a few things I had never heard of before. Bloggers: check it out!

Jess Ramsey’s “Rob Bell, Mountain Dew and the Zoo”

Jess revisits this oft-discussed book, weaving in a story about her son’s concern for an injured stranger. A beautifully written post.

Alise Wright’s post about getting off the couch and running. Hilarious and inspiring.

Kristina’s “Putting the Parts Together, or Why We Should Get Naked”

From nearly-naked photo shoots to nudist beaches, Kristina addresses what’s at the heart of our discomfort with nudity – ourselves.

Shanelle’s “When Life Goes Away” (a guest post on the great Brenda Boitson’s site)

A post about miscarriage, loss and how friends can get you through tragedy.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part in the best of June.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED Kristina’s post. Awesome. As someone who struggles desperately with self-image, this was another nail in that coffin. Thanks!

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