Best of June

Last month the muse landed in your brain and you were astounded at what came out.

That one particular blog post seemed to flow effortlessly from your fingertips.

A host of people loved what you had to say.

Now share it with us.

In the comments section below, please let us know the link to your most-read OR your own personal favorite blog post from June – either one you wrote, or one you read, or one of each. Next week I’ll compile my own favorites from the list and announce the best of June.

24 Replies to “Best of June”

  1. My last one turned out to be the favorite: It’s called the “Where I’m From” Poem where you describe people, place and things that are unique and important to you. I borrowed the idea from a friend, Kathy. Her site is A couple of my friends have also reproduced their own on Facebook. The poetic format originates with George Ellalyon. See his site at

  2. alright, my most visited post of the month is here — a little treatise on representing Christ when we go out to dinner:
    waiting tables, washing feet: a gratuities tutorial
    but that post was one in which i merely edited an old essay and republished it. so i’m not sure if that counts.

    my next most visited was this one, about some of the music i loved as a child of the 80s. though saying it shaped my life might have been a little, white lie:
    i left my wallet in el segundo or 7 songs that shaped my life

    1. Wonderful post. I love Romans 3, but your post means I’ll sit down with the whole book, thanks.

  3. I don’t have a favorite blog post this month, but if this fits, I got a very good response from this piece that I wrote for the Duluth News Tribune. I feel good about what I was able to share.

    Fathers with a Narrow View Still Had Love to Give

    Actually one thing I didn’t like about it was the headline which someone else picked (and that is how it goes). I liked the title that the Good Men Project gave it in their excerpt much better:

    The Scent of a Man

  4. “Shambhala Mountain Center on a June afternoon”

    Despite what it might seem on the surface, the post has almost nothing to do with Buddhism (or Shintoism) but a whole lot to do with authenticity and visiting a special place on a summer afternoon. Which means the photos might be the best part.

  5. I’m brand new to this invitation and look forward to checking out all the stuff that shows up here – some familiar already, some new to me. This one early in the month was well-liked. Written in response to a meme at Bonnie Grey’s site on how we knew when we had found ‘the one’ it was great fun to remember our story and to write it down:

  6. This is fun Shawn and a great idea!

    My biggest hitter of June was “Putting the Parts Together, or Why We Should Get Naked” and had 122 hits. (

    When looking at my stats, I was reminded that I’m approaching the 1 year anniversary of my biggest post of all time, one that got over 10,000 hits. Whoo-hoo!

    I love this part of my life as a writer. Thanks Shawn for giving me a chance to walk down my blogging-memory-lane. :)

  7. By far, my most popular was the one on how I nearly tripled my blog traffic:

    The beauty of it is that once I wrote it, my traffic soared even more, and June shattered all sorts of traffic records for me to the point of actually quadrupling my traffic. That post is still performing very well, and got a lot of great comments. I expected it to do well, but not this well. And here in the first few days of July it’s still outperforming even my new posts! I’ll be writing a follow up to it next week.

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