Tuesday’s Top 10: Summer

I am not a huge fan of the summer. I prefer cooler temperatures, the smell of woodsmoke and the colors of autumn. But in an attempt to be thankful and, as Henri Nouwen says, to live in the Here and Now, here’s my list of the top ten things I like about summer:

1. Cooking food on the grill

2. Eating vegetables right out of the garden

3. Mowing the yard

4. Air conditioning

5. Long days of sunlight

6. Flip-flops

7. Cool mornings

8. Watching my kids run through the sprinkler

9. Saturdays spent working outside

10. Warm evenings reading a book

What about you? What’s your favorite season? What do you love about summer?

Check in tomorrow for the Best of May – all the most-read blog posts written by the folks who read this blog.

9 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top 10: Summer”

  1. I like the feeling that no suggestion is too crazy. Let’s go on a midnight hike and watch the stars! Ok! Let’s drive to the coast! Ok!

    And I like being barefoot on a lawn at 8pm eating a hamburger. mmmmm.

  2. Our company has summer hours where you come in an hour early M-TH and then leave at noon on Friday. Very cool. While I’m not a fan of humidity (Fall is my season of choice) I love playing evening catch with a Nerf football and my two girls in the park across the street from our home.

  3. Flips flops would have to be at the top of my list. I would wear them year round if I could get away with it.

    I also enjoy trips to the beach!

  4. Ah, the classic case of gratitude replacing attitude. :)

    Extended daylight is a definite plus. Kids with the sprinkler is always comical. And you’re right. Reading seems to be designed for sumer evenings.

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