The Best of May

Last week I asked you to give me your most-read blog posts from May. In the comments you left over thirty great posts, an all-star list of what’s out there. For the last week, I’ve enjoyed reading through each and every post – here are the highlights of my journey through the best of May:

Three of the best:

Jessica talks about losing her keys and finding other things.
Andi says writing is not lonely, but avoiding it is
Ken gave us five ways to breathe new life into our blogs

Some thought-provoking posts on religion:

Steve talked about dropping evangelism bombs
Ben signed up Jacob (the patriarch) for Twitter
Matt was restoring unity by desegregating the church (theologically speaking)
Brett told us why KJV readers aren’t celebrating (and got some folks mad in the process)

Marriage posts anyone?

Alise took issue with the term “Christ-centered marriage”
Janelle took issue with men who can’t keep their “junk in their trunk”

Photography, too

Becky beautifully recreated a sculpture with, well, herself
Jamie gave an incredibly helpful summary of her five favorite photography apps

For the full list of submissions, you can go HERE.

What about you? Have any of the posts left in last weeks comments resonated with you?

4 Replies to “The Best of May”

  1. Thanks for the mention Shawn! You’re too good to me!

    And I LOVE Becky’s photos. Absolutely lovely.

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