If Fame Scares You, Do Not Click This Link


Untold wealth.

Close encounters with the paparazzi.

These types of results have been experienced by those generous enough to share their most-read post of the previous month here at the blog. Are you ready for how this is going to change your life?

For example, last month’s winner was Caleb Wilde. Since then he’s received a degree, landed a book deal and is adopting a child. Even better, he was asked to go on “Dancing With the Stars,” and I bought him lunch (only one of those is a total fabrication). All because he shared his blog here. There’s a chance that none of this would have taken place if he hadn’t given us a link to “Funerals: The Worst of Life.”

So head down to the comments section and give us the link to your own most-read blog post (or personal favorite) from the month of May. During the next week I’ll read every single one, then give you a helpful breakdown, a summary of the best blog posts from May.

If you’re not a blogger, feel free to give us one link to the best post you read this month.

Please remember, one link per person. I’ve only got so many hours in the day to spend interacting with others. I am a hermit, after all.

62 Replies to “If Fame Scares You, Do Not Click This Link”

        1. Darn you both. Sigh…Okay, maybe.

          Speaking of which, did one of you tweet me today? I’m getting a bunch of blog hits from Twitter, but not being on Twitter myself I, uh, can’t tell who to thank…

  1. It was a late entry in the month, but my post last Friday was my second-biggest post ever on my blog. In it, I questioned the #1 piece of Christian marriage advice (“keep Christ at the center of your marriage”). As a Christian married to an atheist, I’ve been thinking about that for a while and finally gathered enough courage to write it. Some really interesting ideas bounced around in the comments.

    Anyway, here’s the link: http://www.alise-write.com/2011/05/christ-centered-marriage.html

    I think most of my big posts are more of the notoriety vein than fame. ;-)

  2. Since winning last month, I was also asked to be Chuck Norris’ personal body guard, CBS contacted my agent to see if I’d be willing to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men while NBC asked if I wanted Steve Carell’s position; and, Prince William personally apologized to me because apparently my “wedding invitation got lost when it crossed the pond.”

    Perhaps, though, most importantly — after winning last month — Alise Wright graced me with a guest post at my blog TODAY!


      1. Because he leaves mountains of dead ninjas wherever he goes. Funeral Directors love him. Job security!

  3. Oops. Shawn, I put the wrong link up there. Will you delete that comment, please.

    Okay. My friend Chad keeps retweeting this making it my highest read post from May. It’s not my best work, and it needs some fleshing out, but there you have it. http://jenniferluitwieler.com/2011/05/04/for-gail-my-theory-of-poo-and-the-heart/

    My second most widely read was the community piece. http://jenniferluitwieler.com/?p=608 I much prefer that one. Now get reading, hermit.

  4. When your blog posts enjoy an extended period of gestation, you discover you don’t have much quantitatively to show at the end of the month. But the post I felt the most passion for (even more than for Randy Savage stopping the rapture) was this one about country music — which I like and which I think you should like, too, despite the reality that:

    Insufferably bad music doesn’t matter in country


  5. As you know, I’m reading Bird by Bird and trying to buy into her plea that I stop daydreaming constantly about publication. So, I hope you know you are personally thwarting Anne’s (since you ARE on a first name basis) attempt to get me off my high horse…here’s my highlight from May: “Lost and Found.”


  6. Fame is scary… But I gotta face my fears, right?
    My most read (and favorite!) May post was definitely “Do. Love. Walk.” for Rachel Held Evans’ Rally to Restore Unity. (I can thank her for all the visitors! =)) was a good topic to explore..

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