Christians Are Chickens (the animals…metaphorically speaking)

Today I’m guest posting over at The House Studio, one of my favorite places and publishers in the world. They’re creating all kinds of quality books. And I’m not just saying that because they’re nice people, or they let me guest post every once in a while. My post over there is entitled “Jesus: Shepherd or Chicken Farmer?”:

About a month ago I bought nine chickens and two guinea fowl. Four of them have black feathers – they are the layers. Five of them are white – those are the boilers. The guinea fowl are just there to eat ticks and, hopefully, live long happy lives.

The kids understand the difference between the layers and the boilers, the practical application being that they have named the black-feathered chickens after their favorite cousins, while the white-feathered variety, destined for our dinner table, remain nameless.

To read the rest, click HERE (this link goes live at 11:04am EST, or if you’re catching this before then, go HERE to check out the cool books they offer).

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  1. So the next blog might be…. the white chickens may be secure and confident enough to face the dinner table (persecution). They don’t need the “coop” every week, but return to encourage the black chickens out.

    Something like that ???

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