Help Find the Best Blog Posts of April

It’s that time again! Share your most read blog post of April in the comments section below. Next Monday, after reading through all of them, I’ll share my favorites. If at least 50 people share their most-read blog posts in the comments section below, I’ll hand out a $50 Borders gift card to the winner (so help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook)!

For the best of March, click HERE.

For the best of February, go HERE.

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Don’t forget to check out Rachel Held Evans “Restore Unity” event taking place this week. You can follow the events on Twitter (#RestoreUnity) or check out the roundup from day one HERE. I’ll be posting my own “Restore Unity” blog on Wednesday – stay tuned.

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“In art we are once again able to do all the things we have forgotten; we are able to walk on water; we speak to the angels who call us; we move, unfettered, among the stars. We write, we make music, we draw pictures, because we are listening for meaning…” (Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water)

Check out yesterday’s post, “The Art is Walking On the Water.”

Happy Monday!

40 Replies to “Help Find the Best Blog Posts of April”

  1. Hi, First off, I was surprised how much traffic I got from posting a YouTube video on Easter of a young Johnny Cash singing a gospel song, although he does do a pretty good job with it ( Also, last month in this space I compared Alise’s writing to a good bowl of chile. A couple of days later I posted the recipe for the chile I was thinking of — If you make this chile, you’ll know what reading Alise’s blog is like. Or, perhaps more easily, you could just go to her blog directly. So take your choice, either or

    But the post that generated the most traffic brought up one of the great truths of all time: If you’re gonna dance you gotta pay the band. I talked about a band I knew in college and commented on what Obama still owes those of us who voted for him and are waiting for him to deliver.

    “Republicans, Obama and Not Shakespeare – The band still needs to get paid”

  2. My most popular post of the month was on April 15, 2011, titled “thee rant.” After being ‘called out’ at a writer’s group for being too courageous and not allowing myself to be open and down and sad for what was happening in my life, I took the opportunity that Friday to let ’em have it. And apparently, people liked that!

  3. By far my most popular post was “10 Reasons Why I Won’t Tweet for You: The Problem with Outsourcing”

    Got a lot of great comments on it, and someone even wrote a counter-post disagreeing with me. But I was glad it did well because this particular post, above and beyond the specific content, cuts to the core of my business plan and the philosophy I bring to the world of Social Media.

  4. My most-read in April was my most-read EVER. It’s an open invitation to my local election candidates, asking them to win my vote (Canadian election) by visiting me in my home.

    Incidentally, they all accepted the challenge/invite. It was awesome, seeing democracy in action, right here in my very own home!

    1. No worries on the double-post – sometimes if it’s your first time commenting or you include a link (which in this case I requested!) it holds your comment for moderation. Thanks for coming by!

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