Quickly Moving Rugs and Change

Have you ever noticed how fast life/God/fate can pull the rug out from under you?

I feel like my life is constantly going back and forth between two phases – either I’m unsettled and looking for something different, or I finally reach a state of satisfaction only to have outside change thrust upon me.

How do you deal with change?

(If you’ve blogged about major transitions in your life, please give us a link in the comments section below).

7 Replies to “Quickly Moving Rugs and Change”

  1. A couple of days ago, I blogged specifically on this topic. Much of my blog is about dealing with the various rugs that have been pulled out from under me.

    If “may you live an interesting life” is a Chinese curse, then perhaps I’ve been cursed, but having bought and paid for the ticket, perhaps the better option is to hang on and enjoy the ride. Michael J. Fox says his illness has been a tremendous gift to him, and when I can catch my breath and think rationally about things, that’s sorta how I feel about my own life.

    Although my initial response has often been “must I receive yet another gift?”

    If life were boring, though, what would be the point?

  2. My blog started because we made a decision to leave the Philadelphia area and move 250 miles north to the north central border of PA. Within a year, we’d both lost our jobs and had to start over. We’ve started over several times in the last five years; I lost a job that I’d had for twelve years and the layoff felt very much like a death in my family, I worked three and a half years for the most awful people imaginable and finally, at age 40, found my true calling doing something completely different. I wasn’t able to process all of this change; I spent some time so gobsmacked by it that I didn’t know what to say. I coped with the bad job with humor rather than dwelling on the faults of my Evil Overlords. I’m trying to be more honest about my struggles and anxieties on ‘the page’ because I am finally learning after writing almost my entire life that calling them into the daylight tends to mitigate some of their power.

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