“I Wake Up, Only to Remember She is Gone”

Recently a friend of mine, Andi, lost her mom to cancer. Recently she posted on her blog:

She is wearing a white baseball cap, a green shirt, and that denim skirt she wore a lot when I was in high school. In her right hand is a tub of vanilla yogurt; in her left, a bowl, blue I think. She is smiling as she walks toward me. I smile back.

Then, I wake up to remember my mom will never walk toward me again. I am already crying.

I turn on my phone to get the time and a text from Hannah comes in. She says, “Going to the Relay for Life luminera ceremony to honor your mom. We’re thinking about you.”

I hear Mom’s cat crying in the hallway. Dad says, “She’s looking for Ruth.”

Maybe she was really here.

* * * * *

It is difficult these days to find a family who has not been affected by cancer. Andi and a team of friends are contributing to the American Cancer Society in the hope that someday that will not be the case.

Check out Andi’s blog HERE

To find out more about Andi’s goal to raise $3000 for the American Cancer Society, go HERE

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