And the Nominees Are…

It’s kind of becoming a monthly tradition around here, and one I look forward to.

“What’s that?” you ask, with a worried expression on your face.

Why, the opportunity for you bloggers out there to share with us your  most-read blog post of last month. I’ll read through them, and then on Friday I’ll provide you with the best of March: all the blog highlights and lowlights that you may have missed.

So in the comments section below, give us a link to your most-read blog post in March. Or, if you don’t blog, give us the link to a post by someone else that you just couldn’t stop thinking about.

Or both.

53 Replies to “And the Nominees Are…”

  1. My most-read post of last month was one that wasn’t even on my site, but rather a guest post about assumptions Christians make about atheists that I did over at Rachel Held Evans’s blog. With 700+ FB shares, that’s probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written.

    But I had a pretty good month on my own blog with my most-read piece ever. I wrote a post where I “came out” as gay affirming (which isn’t really news if you pay attention, but I’ve never said it directly on my blog). It’s been my most controversial piece and there has definitely been some backlash from it, but overall, I have been overwhelmed with the love I’ve received even from people who disagree.

    1. Your writing’s got the slow burn that creeps up on you like the pleasure of a good homemade chile… As far as the post you cited above, about affirming love? It’s a bit amazing, isn’t it, that the faith built around the man who said “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” would find contention in what you wrote.

      1. Oh hooray! I thought I’d already irritated everyone I knew with this! Good to know there are still a few more friends I can piss off! ;-D

    1. I’m not sure your essay has the authenticity you were working for. When you re-read your essay now — at a little distance from when you wrote it — do you pick up on the rote predictability of the ambiguous platitude you conclude with?

      1. You know, I think I missed the rote predictability of the ambiguous platitude I concluded with. Just like I was lost without your long paragraph telling me I was just trying to be trendy by using the term “effing” in another post. I would be lost without your help.

        1. That’s the grittiness you need to include in your writing. It’s the thing that makes Jason Boyett so good. At least, that’s my theory of how he does it.

  2. To my own surprise, my most-read post was “Speaking the Truth to Myself and Admitting My Own Racism” – Who knew people were so interested in my short-comings? JK – I actually really love that people wanted to read about that idea.

    Thanks again for this, Shawn.

    1. I remember that story and thought it was hilarious. Really enjoyed your pictures on today’s post. That is a beautiful place.

  3. Early in March I did a well-read post titled “Are Girls as Valuable as Boys?”
    It’s a personal reflection of coming to grips with having heard “Janet was supposed to be a boy.” too many times while growing up.

  4. After commenting on three people’s submissions, I need to stand up and submit my own best post from March: “Hike Fort Collins: Coyote Ridge Natural Area, south of town”. It’s about living in Northern Colorado.

  5. On my blog “From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell,” I joined with several other women bloggers to celebrate Women’s History month. My most read post was about the one thing women could do to improve the welfare of our daughters, sisters, mothers, and ourselves. It’s titled “Celebrating Women: Looking Toward the Future.”

  6. Been blogging about two months, and finally feel like getting a little more active in the bloggosphere. Someone on twitter passed me your site two days ago and I’m enjoying it.

    My sites all about my running. Here’s the top post for the month:

  7. I may be a late entry here ….

    I wrote a blog entitled “Why 99.9% of Pastors agree with Rob Bell.”

    I didn’t get a crazy amount of comments, but after being tweeted by a few people that are much cooler than me, it totaled more hits in three days than all my other blogs combined. Which, isn’t saying too much being that my blog is still a youngster.

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