Animals That Eat People

My son Cade asks a lot of questions.

Why did God make animals that eat people?

Why does my cousin’s scooter have three wheels?

Did the British believe in God? Then why did the colonists try to kill them?

Why did God give them a baby when they’re not even married yet?

What’s real about Paul Revere?

Are there scooters that have four wheels?

How fast is Superman?

Once our chickens arrive, will they peck us?

I say, “I don’t know” an average of 17 times a day, and that’s on weekdays, when I’m in my office most of the time. Is this the childlike faith that Jesus said you must have or you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

* * * * *

“When a child is born, friends get married, a parent dies, people revolt, or a nation starves, it’s not enough just to know about these things and to celebrate, grieve, or respond as best we can. We have to keep asking ourselves: ‘What does it all mean? What is God trying to tell us? How are we called to live in the midst of all this?’ Without such questions our lives become numb and flat.”

“But are there answers? There are, but we will never find them unless we are willing to live the questions first and trust that, as Rilke says, we will, without even noticing it, grow into the answer.”

– Henri Nouwen, Here and Now

* * * * *

Today I want to thank all of you that read this blog on a regular basis and put up with all of my questions. You are helping me to grow into the answers.

9 Replies to “Animals That Eat People”

  1. As one of your new readers, you’re welcome! I enjoy your blog, and appreciate that you include your family and beliefs in it. You write from the heart, not just your head.

    I question things all the time…just ask Andi!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. the right answer is: “go ask your mother.” :-) the childlike faith may be when they believer her answer! thanks for posting

  3. Thanks for all you ask, Shawn . . . and man, that Cade kid – he should write a book of really good questions.

  4. Enjoying your blog. I can certainly relate to a child who asks a lot of questions. But, my son’s questions tend to end up teaching me things too!

  5. That’s awesome. How old is Cade again?

    I’m really digging his, “Did the British believe in God? Then why did the colonists try to kill them?” question.

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