I Wanna Know (Part Deux)

The last time I did this, I had a great time catching up on the best of your blogs, so I thought, “Hey, let’s do this on a monthly basis. Or a semi-annual basis. Or a quarter-bicentennial basis.”

Here’s how it goes…

For you bloggers out there, let me know your most popular blog post in the month of February. Just one. I know all twenty-eight were amazing. But one had to rise above all the rest. So let us know your name and the http-thingy that will guide us through the winternets.

For you blog-readers out there, let us know your absolute favorite post you read in February. Once again, choose one. I know your Google-readers were sizzling in February with all the ground-breaking work. Pick one.

If you’re both blog-reader and a blogger, then do one of each. One. Of. Each.

I might even hand out some Oscar-type awards, once I have a chance to read The Very Best of February (also in the comments help me think up a better name for what might become a monthly contest).


* * * * *

Don’t forget to go by yesterday’s “You Decide” post, where the readers help determine the story’s direction.

11 Replies to “I Wanna Know (Part Deux)”

  1. My most popular post in Feb:
    On Sunday morning, Seth Godin wrote something that I thought connected with the online-Bell-earthquake that began on Saturday, so I write a post asking a few questions.
    It soon soared to my most read post ever …

    If it won’t have been for that earthquake … my most popular post would have been one that was also meaningful for me to write: http://www.janetober.com/2011/02/23/who-wants-to-be-pond-scum-or-a-worm/

    As for the best post I’ve read, how the heck am I supposed to choose?
    But I did … I like this one because it makes me happy :)

  2. Well, my most-read was my book announcement, but next to that, my best/most-read post was Filthy Hugs: http://www.alise-write.com/2011/02/filthy-hugs.html Some really beautiful comments there.

    Picking a favorite that I read is BRUTAL. One that jumped out at me looking over my “stuff I’ve been reading” posts was this post about Black Sheep by @tamaraoutloud: http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/the-parable-of-the-black-sheep/

    And a quick glance down my archives at my titles will show that coming up with a title for something like this is NOT my forte. Sorry.

  3. If there is some OSCAR TYPE THINGY involved, well then, I have to share.

    My blog was BIG this month, in fact, it was the biggest hit of a blog I have ever had in Crazywidow.info history!

    http://crazywidow.info/?p=3091 “I had S-E-X”.

    Yep, it’s blunt, open, revealing, and all kinds of real, and apparently all the widowfolk needed to hear it!

    As for a blog that really hit home with me, I refer you all to the Domestic Deeds family and Kirsten’s blog “Of Age and Adoption” http://domesticdeeds.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/of-age-and-adoption/ With my late husband having been 12 years older than myself, the fact that I’m now a widow, and dating someone 14 years older with a daughter whose only 7 years younger than myself, well, I get a lot of these same “looks”. I hope this will help put some things into perspective for all of you. Sometimes, it’s best not to do the math.

  4. I think what you’ve got going here is a “Blog pot-luck”, where each month your readers come together and share something they’ve made… And in that spirit, here’s our recipe for Spiced Lemon Rice, which is the better of the two posts I wrote last month (better because my daughter contributed most of the text):


    Getting back to how your monthly “Blog pot-luck” might work — I’d guess that, like at any pot-luck, those who brought something wouldn’t mind hearing how others liked it.

    The most memorable/tragic blog news last month, for me, was learning that Mark Barna had been laid off from the Colorado Springs Gazette and would no longer be writing his “The Pulpit” blog. Barna’s voice was unique: sympathy for his (often) fundamentalist subjects leavened with an edge of critique. He walked a fine line, and I’ll miss his blog. Here’s the link to one of his last posts. It’s anything but typical of his usual reporting, but use it to find his more balanced stories:


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