Five Things You Should Know About Bryan Allain

Five things you should know about Bryan Allain:

– if you eat breakfast with him a lot, he will tell you all about what’s going on with him before the food comes, then question you after the food comes so that he can eat his food hot and you can’t

– he is not interested in your pyramid scheme, unless it involves TY stuffed animals or Silly Bandz

– he eats a feta and spinach omelette every morning for breakfast

– like a dog, he is allergic to chocolate

– he is starting something that will span the globe faster than Colin Cowherd.

This thing is called:

Blog Rocket

It’s a new resource put together by the blogging king himself, Bryan Allain. If you sign up now (for free) you receive The BlogRocket 29 eBook: “A 32-page digital download providing insight and advice for the Top 29 frustrations that bloggers face.”

You will also be entered into a drawing to win a $109 Amazon gift card.

Why $109? Who knows. It’s Bryan Allain, folks – do you expect it all to make sense?

I’ve read the eBook, and, from a blogger’s perspective, it’s priceless. There are all kinds of great ideas in it on how to grow your blog’s audience. You get it free – all you have to do is sign up HERE.

6 Replies to “Five Things You Should Know About Bryan Allain”

  1. Signed up yesterday and LOVED the eBook. Great advice in there, and I’m already making plans to put much of it into practice.

  2. Sounds like Bryan and I would make great breakfast partners seeing as though I usually sit in silence while the food is prepared and I am downing coffee trying to wake up. And since I don’t like hot food I usually talk while it cools down. A match made in heaven.

  3. I registered for Mr. Allain’s new “Blog Rocket” and tried to open his pdf document. I was not able to do so…. Rest assured, Adobe Acrobat is installed on my computer. In fact, just before I tried to open Mr. Allain’s pdf file, I successfully opened the signed contract page that a new client sent me in pdf format.

    I gave up on Mr. Allain’s document. Three or four or five attempts were enough to tell me it weren’t going to happen. Hopefully, Mr. Allain’s new forum performs better.

      1. Whaddaya know. He sent me a copy of the newly re-pdf-ed file. It opened with problems… And it’s really smart. If you blog, then you want to read it.

        1. It opened *WITHOUT* problems.. WITHOUT problems NONE, argggggg after that gaff I think I’m required to join his forum.

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