Spring, a Contest, and Creative Constipation

Two days ago the weather was beautiful here in Paradise, PA. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to believe in the hope that spring had arrived.

Yesterday it was freezing cold again.

This got me thinking…I wonder when our first 75 degree day will be? So here’s the contest for today…correctly guess the first day this year that it reaches or exceeds 75 degrees here in Paradise, PA, and I’ll send you free copies of all three of my books: Twist of Faith, Think No Evil and 83 Lost Sheep. If more than one person guesses the correct date, the prize will go to the person who commented first (in other words, don’t pick a date that someone has already picked).

Today I’m guest posting for Alise Wright. Head on over and check out my thoughts on a common cause of creative constipation and why I sometimes want to injure my writer friends.

Only 32 days until Spring!

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18 Replies to “Spring, a Contest, and Creative Constipation”

  1. Thanks for the guest post today! Always love to see what you have to say.

    And I’m going to go with tax day for my guess — April 15.

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