Reflecting On Our Year Without Television

Only one week to go and we’ll have gone a year without television. Well, not a very strict year: we still caught a few movies on DVD, and I did sneak a few World Cup games at my in-laws in the summer. And then there’s our Sunday afternoon dinners at my parents, where the NFL is always on…

But all in all, we pretty much went without it. Apparently, if I’m an average television watcher, that means:

1) I saved approximately 11oo hours of my life. But I know I spent about 200 extra hours on the internet, and another 250 or so blogging. And another 100 reading blogs, something I didn’t do before giving up television. So the net gain was about 550 hours.

2) I lived a safer life. Falling flatscreens kill, you know.

3) I should have lost some weight. Obesity has been proven to be directly proportional to the hours of television someone watches. In fact, I am hovering at approximately the same weight as at the end of 2009.

4) I missed out on the Lost finale, fifteen Survivor finales, 727 Italian dives during the World Cup, and a host of other reality shows too ridiculous to mention.

5) I have no idea what ended up happening to poor Conan, or whether or not Paula Abdul still hosts American Idol.

Lots of folks have been asking, What now? Are you going to watch television in 2011?

I am.

Maile’s not convinced. But I’m definitely roping her into my trek through all 17 seasons of Lost, starting the night of January 1st. That is, if Bryan is still willing to let me borrow them.

So help me ease my way back into the world of the boob tube: what television events or programs will you be sure not to miss in 2011?

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  1. Your family is amazing! I often thought about giving up television but could never really make that steep of a commitment. Perhaps one year, I’ll finally do it. Truthfully, you didn’t miss out on anything. Most of the television programs are reality based and very boring not to mention really dumb. Shows like Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, CSI series, Detroit 1-8-7 and the like are the only shows that keeps my interest. They are the only shows I am looking forward to seeing in 2011. Good luck with transitioning back into TV land. I hope you’d find shows that are worth viewing.

  2. The shows I make a point of watching are, for the most part, rather geektastic. ;-) They include The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, Doctor Who and Sherlock. I also try to keep up with The Mentalist and am meaning to catch up with Steve Carell’s last season on The Office.

  3. The shows I like to watch are all rather geektastic I must admit. ;-) The BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock are two favorites along with The Big Bang Theory and Eureka. Also collecting M*A*S*H on DVD. Way to go on cutting out TV for the whole year!

  4. “The Middle” and “Modern Family” are my non-reality tv favorites! If you want to dive into the reality tv realm I like Pawn Stars, American Chopper (thankfully they bleep out all the cuss words and from watching the show I have decided I someday want to own a pink motorcycle LOL). Also, “Hoarders” makes me obsessive about cleaning my house – its always a good one to put on if you begin to think a little clutter in your isn’t a big deal – you’ll suddenly change your mind about that! A good classic is “The Amazing Race”

    But…with 17 seasons of LOST to watch – you’re gonna be busy!

    We are just finishing our first of year having tv again after going two years without it and I must say…we it’s like we never left!

  5. Amazing Race is always exciting. Like the CSI shows and Criminal Minds is always good for a little paranoia in your life. The Mentalist is another good one. Though it seems cop/law shows top our DVR choices.

    I’m hooked on this reality show on the History Channel called American Pickers. It’s about these two guys that go “picking” through peoples “junk” and find treasures and tell the history behind them, buy them and then sell them for a profit. Good TV I must say.

    Good luck with Lost, never got into it, never think I will devote the time to even watching it, as I have read countless blogs and postings on the internet already saying the ending did nothing for them.

    So welcome back to TV, may your experience inspire others and allow you to say enough is enough sometimes and just turn off the tube.

  6. I hang my head in shame to say that I watch “Hoarders”. It is loathsome and yet I cannot look away. I bow to your getting through the entire year.

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