Meditation, Postmodernism and Stories: 6 Questions

Do you feel free to ask questions about the meaning of life, about where to find truth? Or has your quest for spirituality or faith been squelched by those around you who seem to have answers to all the questions?

The most exciting thing for me about our upcoming experience, “8 Weeks in the Red,” is the freedom to ask questions. Here are some that came up during our last planning meeting:

– What are churches currently doing that stunts our quest for spiritual growth? How can our Sunday morning experience change those things?
– Why do Muslims, Buddhists and eastern religions have such a good grasp on practices like meditation and prayer, while most Christians never or rarely practice them outside of crisis points?
– What is the connection between my body and my spirit? Can the physical posture of my body influence the position of my heart?
– How is our attitude toward postmodernism altered when we look at it as a world view? What if we look at it as an era in world history? What if we view it as a religion?
– At what point in the church’s history did the Christian worship experience become all about singing?
– Why did Jesus always use stories when he spoke?

Feel free to give your thoughts on any of these questions in the comments section below. Or go to The Red and start up a discussion on our Facebook discussion page. Or come on out to our first meeting on January 9th and help us further the conversation on faith and spirituality.

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  1. When I worked at Special Olympics International headquarters in DC, there was a church on the same block that had a walking-meditation labyrinth set into its floor, and opened it to the public during certain hours; I used to really enjoy that. I’m just blanking on the name of the church! It’s right near Metro Center, at 13th and G Streets Northwest…

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