Brownies In My Teeth & a Chance For Me To Hear More About You

Today I’m guest posting over at Jason Boyett’s blog for his Friday “Voices of Doubt.” The link to head on over there is at the bottom of the page. Jason’s got an awesome blog, one I recommend checking out on a regular basis. Especially today. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogram.

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A few of my friends who also read the blog suggested I do a better job of helping people get to know me. So here are a few random facts about me:

These are my kids:

From left to right:

Lucy loves to read and is a 2nd mother to the younger two

Abra is rarely this pensive. She’s usually rather goofy.

Cade says some funny stuff, and in this photo is wrestling with

Sammy, who is a general trouble maker and the life of our family party. His favorite thing to do these days is select a weapon from the bottom drawer (wooden spoon, pizza cutter) and chase Abra around the house.

This is my wife:

I chose this picture because it’s pretty typical of us – me acting goofy while she just shakes her head. The look she currently has on her face is usually followed by a “but-what-can-I-do” look. If the brownies in the teeth and general disheveled nature of my own self don’t give it away, I feel obligated to tell you that I married way out of my league.

We met in college as English majors during a semester when we had 5 classes together. She got 100% on a midterm, and I scored in the low 70s. This was on purpose, as it gave me the perfect excuse to ask her to study with me.

I’ve always loved her quite a bit, but even more so now that she’s pretty much followed me around the world, first to Florida, then to England (that story is HERE), then to Virginia, and finally on a hair-brained adventure to my hometown in Pennsylvania where we decided I should try to make a living as a writer (that story is HERE).

Three questions for you folks out there:

What is your name?

Where have you lived?

What do you do to embarrass the ones that you love?

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Now head on over to Jason Boyett’s blog, O Me of Little Faith. You won’t regret it. Well, today you might, but most of the time, when I’m not guest posting, you’ll love it.

9 Replies to “Brownies In My Teeth & a Chance For Me To Hear More About You”

  1. – Adam

    – Webb, AL & Birmingham, AL

    – I call my wife’s name loud when trying to find her in grocery stores. She hates that!

    1. I can’t wait until the next time I see you in a public place, Bryan – I am going to yell out “Bryan Allain the writer!” over and over again, in awe, just to see if I can get a crowd to gather.

  2. Such a cute picture of your kids! My name is Becky and I’ve lived in 3 zip codes 7 different times in PA and 2 zip codes in TX. I don’t think I embarrass my husband too much but I’m pretty sure I embarrass my 12 son a lot. Because I’m a mom and he’s 12.

    1. I lived in Texas for a little while, when I was small. I think it’s impossible to have children around that age without there being some embarrassment. I enjoy your blog Becky!

  3. Matt Ralph (no one ever calls me by just my first name)

    I’ve lived in Kansas, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Delaware, Pennsylvania, London if you count studying abroad for a semester and Chicago if you count a summer internship

    I like to be the last one clapping (in church, at concerts, etc.) and I like to sing along with gusto to Christian radio when my wife and I go to Amelia’s

    1. I love the clapping thing, especially when there are two people in the audience with the same goal.

  4. Your family is beautiful.


    Lived in Guyana, Tortola and California

    Speaking a little loud to tell my son how much I love him in front of other kids at school.

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