Tuesday’s Top 10: Help

Just a few announcements today.

1) In case you haven’t seen any of the other announcements, the Fireside Writers’ Conference scheduled for October 22 and 23 has been indefinitely postponed due to low registration numbers. I am exploring the possibility of holding it in Lancaster in the spring at a much lower price (around $50). “Like” the Fireside Writers’ Conference page on Facebook for updates.

2) A huge thanks to those of you who donated to the charity:water initiative – we raised almost $12,000, which will provide clean water to nearly 600 people for the next 30 years. You guys are awesome.

3) I have a few leftover copies of my two books (“Twist of Faith” and “Think No Evil”) from my recent time at the Frederick County Fair. I am selling them now for $15.00 each (include shipping), so if you are interested let me know.

4) HELP! I need some good topics for future editions of “Tuesday’s Top 10.”  If you have any good ideas, let me know in the comments section below.

5) My fingers are going numb. It’s that cold in my workshop today.

6) I’ve been invited to speak to English majors at Messiah College this Thursday. I think I’m supposed to encourage them with my story…hopefully they’ll be encouraged to discover that an English major 11 years out of college can be married, have four kids, own two minivans with a combined 325,000 miles, work in sub-zero degree temperatures every day, live in a double-wide mobile home and still be happier than he’s ever been in his life.

Have a great Tuesday!

2 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top 10: Help”

  1. hahahahaha!!! that’s classic.
    no, really, i think you have a lot of life experiences to share….

    a top ten idea:

    Top 10 things you now say to your children that were said to you.

    i have about 20!

  2. Sorry Fireside had to be canceled … hopefully it can happen in the spring.
    Top 10 reasons … to live in a double-wide.
    … to be an English Major
    … to live near the Amish

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