Priorities and Why I’m Never Blogging Again (maybe)

Ahhh, priorities.

Too much to do, and too little time to do it.

I’m finishing two books and starting two more, with additional projects in the works. Good? Yes. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that I’m spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook and the internet in general and, yes, even on this blog.

And since this blog seems to be the root of most of it (because once I’ve written the post then I have to share it on Facebook and Twitter which inevitably means I have to say hi to various friends and comment on other peoples stuff and then I have to check the football scores and oh yes I should check my fantasy league team and then there’s Bryan Allain’s blog and I should really check my wife’s blog and see if anyone else has signed up for her cooking class and wow she has over 100 people liking Mai Time in the Kitchen and holy cow did you see what brett favre allegedly did and I wonder how my dad’s Ameritrade account is going and should I keep SRZ or is that whole company just going to hell in a handbasket I should really tweet about my blog again and then it’s all back-and-forth all day with ken mueller on twitter because he can do about seven things at once and then i realize it’s time for lunch).

Phew. That was tiring.

So I’m cutting back on the blog. Not sure exactly what that means. But I wanted to warn the three of you who read it every day that it probably won’t show up every. single. day (and if it does you need to find out my password and change it and hold the new one for ransom and only let me post every second or third day).

Thanks to all of you for following along for the last nine months. No I’m not pregnant.

Thanks for thinking I have meaningful stuff to say, or at least taking the time to disagree with me (Gwyn and Jason). Hopefully I will still have meaningful stuff to say, every once in a while. Just not everyday.


3 Replies to “Priorities and Why I’m Never Blogging Again (maybe)”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you. I heard Anne Beiler speak last Fri. at Emerge, read Twisted Faith over the weekend, and stumbled in you here. I just joined my first writer’s group a couple of weeks ago…I’ve had a dream to write for probably 30 years. We all struggle with priorities, especially with the always in-your-face distraction of the internet.

  2. You know, I was really disappointed when I found out what “fantasy football” actually entailed. I thought I might be able to defeat a team of Uruk-hai with my team of unicorns and whatnot.

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