Others First (Kind Of) Friday

Do you practice self-promotion or others-promotion?

I now realize that I am pretty focused on promoting myself – I overshare my blog on Facebook and Twitter. I email all kinds of people if I have a book coming out. I try to generate an audience, all in the name of me, me and me.

But how much time do I make for promoting others?

Today I am going to direct you to someone who is focused on that very thing – Ken Mueller and Inkling Media. Once a week they have Others First Friday, a blog post designed to promote some of the non-profits or other inspiring people doing good things in our world.

Click on the link HERE and you can check out the organization being promoted – it’s an example of a very sad story turning into something that could potentially help a lot of people.

Of course, today I’m the one writing the guest post which means this is just another example of me promoting myself.

It’s a sickness.

Honest question – I don’t want to steal Ken’s idea, so how could I use my own blog to promote other folks or provide some kind of service?

3 Replies to “Others First (Kind Of) Friday”

  1. Haha man, I’ve basically stolen Ken’s idea without realizing it. I just stopped writing a bi-monthly feature for a newspaper about, well, nonprofits or other inspiring people doing good things in our world. Seriously, that was the stories’ description to the T. Now I’m doing something similar on my blog with the Awesome People Series. Right now the APS is about people who have impacted my life, and explores what makes them awesome in their own lives, but I envisioned branching out eventually into something similar to my old features for the paper.

    It’s tough, though, not to self-promote like crazy.

    How could you use your blog to promote other folks, or provide some kind of service? Hmm. Maybe free writing tips once a week or once a month or something. Or reviewing things that have helped you as a writer that you think will help others. Or you know, something along those lines. People like free stuff. Maybe you could just give away gift cards, haha.

  2. Oh, and by the way, to answer your question, just be yourself and promote people when you genuinely feel like it. You write about many things and bring up many topics that are not just about you, so in many ways you are often “promoting” others.

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