Going Back

This afternoon I get to go back to Messiah and talk to English majors about life after college.  A friend of mine, Adam Benner, heard about this and sent me a message on Facebook:

Heard that you’ve been selected to assuage the fears of Messiah’s English majors…I’m actually waiting for them to invite me for a talk designed to inspire fear in Messiah’s English majors.

I’m not sure how many fears my story will assuage, but I do hope it will encourage them to use their imagination, and follow their passions, and not get caught up in thinking they have to do things the way everyone else does them.

More than anything, though, I’m just looking forward to being back on campus. I love that place and all the memories it gave me, and I can’t wait to just wander around with Maile, visiting some of our old haunts: there’s the creek and the covered bridge that used to be such a part of my emotional landscape; the library where many late nights were spent cramming and procrastinating; the entrance to the dorm where Maile and I had our first smooch; the cafes and the classrooms and the auditorium; the place in the woods where I asked her to marry me.

What’s a place in this world that you enjoy going back to? What’s it like when you get there?

5 Replies to “Going Back”

  1. ah, messiah! brings back similar happy memories for steve and me… though a place i love to go back to is Martha’s Vineyard. Feels like things kind of drop off my shoulders while i am there and i am happy to meet a different version of myself that only shows up when i am there.

  2. I think I was peeking out the window of that dorm with about 4 other friends when you and Maile had that smooch!!! We couldn’t believe that Maile was dating “the Shawn” from the soccer team. :)

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