Tuesday’s Top 10: Carnival Food

Before I get into the meat (pun intended) of today’s topic, I’ve got two very important announcements:

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Now on to the most important list of trivial things you’ll ever encounter:


Having just returned from the Great Frederick Fair (which I wrote about in yesterday’s post, “My Third Favorite Day of the Year”), I’m going through a cleansing diet of sorts. The following are the top ten culprits, the foods that get me every year:

1. Funnel Cake – this mound of fried dough and powdered sugar always looks insurmountable, but before you know it you’ve eaten every last bite and proceed to lick the paper plate. Little do you know, you’re face is covered with the stuff.

2. Ice Cream – if you’ve read my Top 10 Ice Cream list, you know where my weakness lies

3. Jumbo Turkey Legs – I don’t even like these things, but I do like carrying them around because it makes me feel like Fred Flintstone

4. Fried Oreos – I’ve never even eaten these (yet), but the idea is sooooo carnival

5. Crab Cake Sandwiches – the best crab cake sandwich in the history of the civilized world is made at J.B. Seafood at the Great Frederick Fair. I can’t even talk about it without getting emotional.

6. Cotton Candy – it vanishes in your mouth. What else needs to be said?

7. Candy Apples – I don’t like apples, but I know that the masses will riot if this item is not included

Help me finish my list – what three fair food items am I missing?

Don’t forget to go to charity:water and give.  If you’re in the first $100 of donations today, I’ll match it.

14 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top 10: Carnival Food”

  1. I don’t know if it counts as “food” technically, but I can’t go to the fair and not get lemonade. Fair lemonade is something totally special.

    Also, I would say that fair french fries, doused in vinegar are a must have.

  2. I had fried oreo’s for the first time last week in Ocean City, NJ. All I can say is, awesome! Oreo’s dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried. Soft and warm. Amazing!

  3. You had to pick fair food the day I have a stomach virus, didn’t you? X (

    (When my stomach ISN’T in knots, I go with funnel cake! As for what I’d add, definitely corn dogs and kettle corn.)

  4. Funnel Cake – Yes!
    I prefer caramel apples to the candied variety.
    I love the gyros, bratwurst & fried dill pickles.
    #1 has to be boiled peanuts (here’s why –> http://wp.me/pn6kq-un).

    I’ve never had fried oreos at the fair, but I make them every year for New Years Eve and the Super Bowl…pure goodness!

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