Tuesday’s Top 10: Best Things That Happen In a Day

Some days are better than others.  Some days I wake up early, feel motivated, breakfast routines for four children go well, and I’m showered and out of the house and writing by 8:30…other mornings, not so much.  These are 10 things that tend to make for a good day:

1) My wife and I roll out of bed (before the kids are awake) and she makes her awesome pancakes which I devour with real maple syrup and butter we buy at the local dairy

2) It’s not a bath morning for the kids so they haven’t used all the hot water and I get a nice, piping hot shower

3) I don’t get all hung up on the computer in the morning and actually enjoy breakfast with my four kids

4) I get 2-3 solid hours of writing in before lunch

5) I get to eat lunch with Maile, preferably curry or something else delicious that she made

6) I write for 2-3 hours  in the afternoon and feel good about life (as opposed to feeling frustrated and distracted, both of which lead me to spend too much time on Twitter and Facebook)

7) A late afternoon that consists of an hour or two working outside, mowing or gardening

8) Some sort of epic sports battle with my older two kids, usually soccer (the goals are created with flip flops or tricycles that our younger two, Sam and Abra, eventually carry off or ride away on)

9) A dinner where all six of us get to sit down and eat together

10) An evening with my wife when the kids go to bed (and actually fall asleep), and the two of us talk about important things and the house is quiet and we listen to music and fall asleep with the ceiling fan on and the windows open.

What are the best things that happen in your days?

3 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top 10: Best Things That Happen In a Day”

  1. Good days:
    ~I already wrote something the day before for my blog that I actually liked.
    ~My husband is at home and doesn’t have to do one of the 8 million things associated with being a full-time student and employee.
    ~I have a good conversation with my friends — coffee with them if I’m lucky.
    ~Book a high-paying gig for our band.
    ~Game-night with the family, where everyone participates and I win.
    ~I get to sleep in the same bed with my husband all night long (a rarity, because of that whole full-time student & employee thing).

    And incredibly, today is pretty close to that perfect day. Spent last night with the hubs, booked 5 gigs for our band, had a mildly entertaining post all set to go this morning, had a good convo with one of my best friends. No game night with the whole fam tonight, but hoping to at least do something fun with the kids. And I’ll try to fix it so I win, which will help.

    1. I, too, am addicted to winning board games and have no scruples when it comes to fixing them/cheating to win. My children are working with me to overcome this.

  2. 1) when you wake up in the morning with a smile because the song in you head is just praise.

    2)when you forget to eat breakfast before you head out the door and someone brings you your favorite McD’s sandwich out of no where.

    3)when you are nervous and somehow you begin to sabotage yourself and God reminds you that He’s already preparing the way ahead.

    4) when the kitchen is clean and coffee timer is set for the AM and you got chocolate calling your name

    4) when a new recipe turns out so good you want to calm home and verbally slap your momma.

    Today was such a great day that I am still smiling and thanking God.

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