Throwing Stones and Crossing Roads

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When we encounter someone in the middle of screwing up, do we accuse them, ostracize them, bring their shortcomings into the light, and make sure they understand how they’re messing everything up before consoling them?  Do we start kicking around for the right sized stone to throw?  Or do we stand between that person and the religious crowd, challenge the crowd with their own hypocrisy?  When the crowds disperse, do we turn to that person and lovingly tell them  “I’m not accusing you either – just go, and don’t miss the mark again”?

When we meet someone for the first time and somehow find out that they’ve had a rough life, been into some stuff that hurt themselves or others, do we talk to them about religion or do we talk to them about living water?

We come across someone who, after making some dumb choices, is wounded and bloody, lying in a gutter.  Do we cross to the other side of the street, tell ourselves that if we help them out they won’t experience the consequences to their actions?  Or do we take whatever action is necessary to restore them to health, no matter the reason for their destruction?

I throw too many stones.

I talk too much religion.

I cross to the other side of too many roads.

What do you do?

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