The Difference a Year Can Make

Last week was our family’s annual trek to the mountains: my parents, three sisters, one of their boyfriends, one of their husbands and 8 kids (4 of which are mine).  We stay at this huge cabin with plenty of room for everyone, and there’s a small lake to swim in.

We stay up late playing games, Maile and I take turns sleeping in, and naps are the order of the day.  And swimming.  And eating.  And more naps.  But this year something felt different.

After a few days I realized what it was: my phone wasn’t ringing off the hook.  Last year at the mountains I was still a painting contractor, still taking phone calls from customers and foremen and our advertising agency.  Every morning I would wake up with a churning stomach, nervous that something would go wrong while I was away.

This year my phone didn’t ring once.  That was the difference.

Last year I was running a business I didn’t care for, going deeper and deeper into debt, wondering how we would ever change directions.

This year I am writing, doing what I love, and we’re slowly digging out.  We live in the country, have a garden and have time to eat dinner together almost every night.

Finding yourself in a rough patch? Hang in there – the next year will go quicker than you could possibly imagine, and who knows where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing.  A lot can happen in a year.

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  1. I hear ya. A year ago, I was in a job I hated, but the occasional writing and editing I was doing (for church and others) made me realize there was something else out there. So last November, I jumped ship and have been working on establishing my own writing/editing service. It’s been a wild ride but I am loving the chance to follow some dreams.

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