5 1/2 Random Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

Sorry House Studio…actually Thursday mornings are for the random…

1 – If you think can play ping pong like Donkey Kong, check out yesterday’s post about the upcoming ping pong championship in Gap, PA

2 – Either a store is very smart or it’s customers are very dumb (or the place is just amazing), when they can get you to pay for the right to shop there (ahem, Costco; and yes, I am a customer)

3 – Don’t forget to register for the Fireside Writer’s Conference before September 1st if you want to receive the discounted rate

4 – Thanks to Ken Mueller of Inkling Media for helping me set up a Facebook page for the conference…I know, someone my age should probably be able to do that themselves

5 – I spent 3 hours last night hanging out with my Amish relatives, getting information for my upcoming Stoltzfus Family History book – who would have thought that discussions about ancestors, appendectomies and church splits could be so much fun.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

6 – If I could go to any restaurant right now, at 7:20 am, it would definitely be . . .

(feel free to finish that sentence in the comments)

5 Replies to “5 1/2 Random Thoughts on a Thursday Morning”

  1. … The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA. Last time (the only time, unfortunately!) I was there, I got something they call “King Cakes,” which I think was two huge chocolate chip banana pancakes with peanut butter in between, whipped cream on top, and a side of bacon. Mmm…

    They also have a selection of homemade breads, and you can choose any of them for your french toast.

  2. Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills. Outdoor dining, organic food, the only bread pudding I’ve ever even remotely liked (and I LOVED it!!), and really, can you beat the weather in southern CA? What I wouldn’t give to be back there right now…

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