To Sammy

Today is Sam’s first birthday.  He is our youngest and most likely the last child we will ever have, so he will always be the baby.

He is old enough that we can start to see firm glimpses of his personality – he’s a softy (likes to cuddle) with a firm sense of what he wants (ie screams bloody murder when he doesn’t get what he wants – working with him on that one!).   He is not a follower and is not naturally afraid of things (he loves to crawl around in the grass and even on the stone driveway, if that’s what required for him to get where he wants to be).

If you’ll recall, I named him on my own with no input from my wife (which you can read about HERE).  He was named after Samuel Hamilton from Steinbeck’s East of Eden, my 2nd favorite character of all time.  He was also named for all the Samuels and Sam Smuckers that have come before him (quite a few in our family).  I like that his name will some day provide him with some sense of a bond with his heritage.

He will not remember this birthday. Probably not even the next two or three birthdays.  But I will always remember them. I will especially remember on every on of his birthdays how he had a single-artery umbilical cord when he was in Maile’s belly and how we had to have him monitored almost weekly.  I will remember how when he came out his cord was in a perfect knot, drawing oohs and aahs and even a few hesitant tears from the midwife as she said, “well, you’ve got your miracle baby.”

And in the memory of his birth I remember each of our other three children’s arrivals.  And so the cycle continues.

Happy birthday, Sam.

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  1. and a very happy BIRTHday to Maile as well!!!! :-)

    I love his name…..

    Looking forward to our next dinner……

    I’m scatter-brained because we’re leaving for the cabin in a few hours and we’re all still in pj’s and nothing is packed.


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