Ira Wagler

There’s this intriguing writer in Lancaster County, and his name is Ira Wagler. Most of you folks who have lived in Lancaster for a while probably heard of him before I did.  I met him for the first time last week.

A self-proclaimed literary redneck, his blog posts first caught the attention of a huge online audience, then a literary agent, and he now has a book deal with Tyndale.  In person Ira is as kind as they come – personable and humble and generous.  As a writer he is refreshing, probing and at times disarming in his willingness to tell it as he sees it.  I am proud to have a writer like him in our area.

I am especially excited because he has accepted my invitation to join us at the Fireside Writer’s Conference where he’ll speak for a few minutes, and then I’ll engage him in a time of q & a.  Ira’s attendance is worth the price of admission in and of itself – then take into consideration each of the other speakers who have already committed to be there (Bryan Allain, Andi Cumbo and Ken Mueller) along with their areas of expertise, and you’ll understand why I’m looking forward to October.

I still have three to four more guests to announce in the coming weeks, including the poet who will be doing the reading on Friday night, so stay tuned.  In the mean time, click on the names above to check out some of their blogs/websites.  Soon you’ll be as excited as I am for October.

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