Tuesday’s Top Ten: The Anti-Reality List

A few weeks ago I tried to write a Top Ten regarding Summer. You’d think that with barbeques and July 4th parties, it would be easy.

It wasn’t.

If you’d like to supplement my Summer top 10, feel free.  In the mean time today’s list is of a different sort: the reality is, it’s June.  The anti-reality is, it is December. And I love December.

The top ten things I love about December are:

1) The cold. I love the cold.

2) Coats and sweaters and jeans and wool socks and scarves and gloves.

3) Snow.

4) Christmas afternoon: helping Lucy and Abra put their toys together, working on Cade’s latest Lego acquisition, watching Sammy crawl like mad through the wrapping paper.

5) Early nights spent by roaring fires.

6) Snow.

7) Christmas lights (not my own, but seeing other people’s).

8) New Year’s Eve – even though I’m usually asleep by 10pm, I still like all the excitement.

9) Christmas music

10) Those red and green Captain Crunch and the cranberry ginger ale they only sell during Christmas time

So, what do you think? Am I a summer humbug? Or are you a winter-ite like me basking in anti-reality?

5 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top Ten: The Anti-Reality List”

  1. you forgot the most important thing-you were born in December. That’s the reason you like December!

  2. I like winter too, though the only thing I like about the cold is the snow it brings. But I’d rather be cold than hot…. I must admit though, that Spring/Fall is my favorite time of year, not as hot as summer, but not as cold as winter, it is perfect. Also, the days aren’t crazy long, but nor are they crazy short…

  3. i like me sum huntin in da wint’r time.

    of course here in tanzania, winter and summer are the same except more rain in the winter.

  4. I haven’t got to the point of counting down the days to winter, but I am getting there. One positive about summer is the strawberries in my garden.

  5. I love winter! Growing up in South Georgia, it was my favorite week of the year!

    Actually, I prefer Spring and Fall over Winter and Summer, but there are a few things I love about winter:

    1) Christmas – the decorating, the music, the parties, eggnog, 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” on TBS…I have a problem.

    2) Not having to cut the grass.

    3) That’s all I got.

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