Tuesday’s Top 10: Summer

I am a huge autumn/winter fan.  Leaves changing, cool temperatures, that whole mood of heading into the holidays – I love it all.

Summer? Not so much.

But in an effort to stay positive, I’m listing 10 things I love about summer.  This is inherently an excercise of faith – not sure if I can actually think of ten, but here goes . . .

1) Baseball – as a kid, baseball was my absolute favorite sport, to watch and play.  Now that my son Cade plays baseball, it’s a great reminder of those hot summers I spent throwing ball with my dad.

2) Water – there are few things that feel as nice as jumping into a cool body of water on a hot summer day.  Lakes, swimming pools, creeks, large puddles . . . all are great remedies for the summer heat.

3) Long Days – the best part of the day, that time after 7:00 when all is quiet in the house, seems to last even longer when the sun keeps shining.  And it’s so much easier to get up in the morning when our closest star is hitting you in the face.

4) Fresh Food – around here there are road side stands selling all kinds of awesome garden goodness: fresh strawberries, vegetables, watermelon – it all tastes so much better knowing it was just plucked, pulled or peeled on the same acre you’re standing.

. . . and that’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.  Help me finish this list and get through the summer without melting.

What are your favorite things about summer?

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  1. 5) similar to 4, but grilling out

    6) Community – in the winter you can go days without seeing your neighbors. In the warmer weather, people come out and socialize and you get to know your neighbors better.

    7) summer clothing – no more jeans and long pants. shorts. flip flops. short sleeve t-shirts. you feel more free!

    8) outdoor events – goes along with community, but outdoor concerts, walking around downtown for First Friday, Long’s Park, etc.

    well, i’m coming up short as well, but maybe we’re getting closer to 10

  2. I’m not a big summer fan either, but I do love the water as you mentioned.

    I also love how the days seem slower during the summer. Languid seems the perfect word.

  3. 1. The Beach – The smell of salt air & sunscreen, the sounds of the waves & seagulls, reading a great book, making sandcastles…love it.
    2. The Pool – For days when we can’t get to the beach….
    3. Boiled Peanuts – You probably responded to this in one of two ways: “YES!” or “What???”. If you answered with the latter, I pity you.
    4. Home Made Ice Cream – Peach or Strawberry…Heaven
    5. Cook-outs – Actually do this year round, but it’s better with boiled peanuts and home made ice cream.
    6. Sports – Tennis (playing and watching), Baseball (watching)
    7. More time with the kids in the evenings (later bed times)
    8. Sweating
    9. Humidity
    10. Gnats….wait, what was this list about again?

    Okay, so even my list kinda fell apart at the end there, but my OCD would not let me leave the list unfinished, and the first seven far outweigh the last three.

  4. 4. flip-flops.

    5. fireflies.

    6. grilling on cedar planks, especially pepperoni pizza.

    7. camping out.

    8. garden plucking.

    9. free babysitting….um, I mean vacation bible school.

    10. dinner clubs.

  5. 1. the way colours take on this vibrant richness – the baked porcelain brilliance of the sky
    2. growing, ripening crops, hedgerows bursting with flowers and the promise of autumn berries on the way
    3. anything that involves proximity to water
    4. hot dogs, greek salad and a large glass of crispy pino
    5. evenings that go on so long they almost touch the morning on the other side
    6. cricket – no, really. yes, the game, the one that goes on all day for no apparent reason and involves men in white scattered across a village green and straining for the crack/smack sound of leather on willow
    7. the promise of holiday adventures just round the corner
    8. gradual sun tans
    9. new friends (summer camps and the like)
    10. the ABSENCE of all the yuckiness of the OTHER seasons (autumn winds whipping up dead leaf dust, grey snow slush on colour drained winter streets, april showers)

  6. 1. Summer hockey. Going to the rink in shorts…that’s great.
    2. Coming out of the rink after your game and not having to scrape off your windshield.
    3. Only 3 more months until the hockey season starts again.
    4. Dryland training with my son getting him ready for hockey school or tryouts…I do more watching than training.
    5. Ok, one that isn’t hockey…taking my daughter to soccer.
    6. The kids look forward to camp…whether it is hockey camp or Bible camp.
    7. My wife and I look forward to the kid’s camps…whether it is hockey camp or Bible camp.
    8. Only 3 more months until the hockey season starts again.
    9. Only 3 more months until the hockey season starts again.
    10. Only 3 more months until the hockey season starts again.

    Can you tell I’m a winter fella, also?

  7. Alright, saw your tweet, it’s on….because I love summer.

    1. Baseball. I grew up playing this sport. I sucked at it for awhile. Then I got good. But not as good as I thought. Nonetheless, the whole process made me more of a man.

    2. Marriage, namely mine. I got married on July 11, 2009, on the beach. Which brings me to #3….

    3. The beach. Especially now that I live at it. Summer means learning to surf. Summer also means warmer water, which means we don’t freeze when we try said surfing.

    4. Sun. I love being tan. I look so sexy when I am. But moreover, I loveeee my wife getting tan. She looks sexy anyway. But with a tan….yowza.

    5. Slushies. Who wants slushies in the winter? Nothing like a 95-degree day at the beach to make slushies the most delicious things ever. (Also, ice cream and gelato and frozen yogurt fall in this category.)

    6. Cookouts. Of course, cookouts rock during the winter, too, but there’s nothing like getting a tan, grilling some burgers and playing lawn darts….all with an adult beverage or two as well, of course.

    7. Flip-flops. I don’t care what Liz Lemon says, flip-flops in church are awesome.

    8. T-shirts. Enough said.

    9. Clean. Everything seems more clean. Except when I sweat, which I guess I do a lot because it’s hot, but then, we always have number 10….

    10. The ocean. Can’t just go jump in here in any other season–it’s too cold. But there’s nothing like playing in the ocean, whether it’s surfing (well, failing at surfing) or swimming or bodysurfing or boogeyboarding or whatever.

    I could keep going but I have some work to do. But HA! There! Ten reasons to love summer!

  8. great list. unfortunately it’s still not ten reasons:

    1) i can’t let you count “the ocean” and “the beach” as two separate reasons. yes, i understand one is sand and one is water, but they’re pretty much the same thing

    b) #4 is way to subjective (and slightly conceited). if you would have left out the sentence “i look so sexy when i am” then i might have let it slide

    but 8 out of 10 isn’t bad

    1. A) Need I quote Bible verses wherein God makes them separate things? Booyah.

      2) Hey, I can’t help it. Well, except right now I should probably retract that sexy comment. The one about myself, anyway. Got mad rash from #3.

      Also, (3C) Ummm, isn’t this all pretty subjective?

      But OK, I’ll humor you and pick two more. Easy.

      New #4: Bikinis. Specifically, bikinis on my wife. That is all I will say on this matter.

      New #10: The sun setting at 8 p.m. Nobody likes it to be dark at 5 p.m. Except vampires, I guess.

  9. Alright, alright – I want in on the fun. Top ten reasons why I love summer:

    1. Water. Ironically, it just started raining as I wrote that and I had to go shut my office windows, which leads me number #2. (By water i mean pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, anything really.)

    2. Summer storms. Hot days, cold rain, thunder, lighting. It’s just better this time of year.

    3. Late night drives – after the heat has cooled off I love to roll down the windows, blast the music, and drive through the night. Don’t get me wrong, I do this in the winter too, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable.

    4. Flip Flops, or better yet – bare feet. If I could go without anything on my feet all day, every day – I would.

    5. Grilling

    6. Sweet corn (Knee high by fourth of July!)

    7. Beach trips

    8. Getting out the jet skis

    9. Bon fires. Camping in general.

    10. Less clothing required

  10. Oh and boiled peanuts dude — yes! Totally should have added that.

    Oh man, boiled peanuts and Mountain Dew. There is no greater snack.

  11. I LOVE summer. It is my favorite time of year and I could give you a list of 20 if you wanted it. Here is my top 10.

    10. It isn’t cold and there is a zero percent chance of snow! (It is possible that this one should be my number one reason)
    9. You don’t need to wear a bulky winter coat.
    8. the beautiful lightining bug show each night
    7. fresh veggies and fruit
    6. Picnics with my friends and family
    5. stays light outside later
    4. sitting outside in the early morning listening to the birds
    3. having a gentle breeze blowing through my windows
    2. swimming
    1. extra time with my beautiful children!!!!!

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