Tuesday’s Top 10: Reasons You Should Attend the Fireside Writer’s Conference

October marks the first annual Fireside Writer’s Conference in Gap, Pennsylvania. You can check out the details HERE. The following are the top 10 reasons you should consider attending:

1) Writing is so often accomplished in isolation – this will be a great opportunity to spend a night and a day sharing ideas and experiences with other writers.

2) Four meals are included, and the menu will be entirely put together and prepared by the famous chef Maile (this has not been discussed with her in great detail so I would appreciate if you would not mention it should you see her in passing).

3) The funniest guy I know, Bryan Allain, will be sharing his wisdom on how to get your blog from 50 – 500 followers.  At last check he was nearing 800 followers, with 6000+ unique hits per month.  The conference will also roughly coincide with the release of his new e-book (am I allowed to mention this Bryan, or is it still top secret?).

4) Ever find it difficult to get one hour of uninterrupted thinking time in?  Come to the conference and you’ll have the opportunity to wander through a beautiful, natural setting, contemplating life and writing.  Depending on the neighboring Amish farmers, this may or may not include the wafting scent of freshly spread manure.  I can’t make any promises either way.

5) Andi Cumbo will be speaking about the beauty and pain of honesty on the page, and how this relates to your identity as a writer. She’ll also be mingling with us for the remainder of the conference.  Where else can you go for this?

6) Sometimes we need to get out of our own little patterns of life, do something different, see the world from a different perspective.

7) Ken Mueller has more insight into social media than anyone I know, with a refreshing new vision for how we go about putting ourselves out there.  He’ll be talking about how a writer can utilize social media and stay true to their identity as an artist.

8) Smores.

9) A local bookstore will be offering some of the best books on writing known to man – the ones you usually have to order because they’re not in stock.  At the Fireside Writer’s Conference we’ll have some for you to peruse, and we’ll also make some time to talk about which ones have been the most helpful for each of us.

10) Pennsylvania in October is one of my favorite place-times on earth.

I hope to see you there.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at shawnsmucker (at) yahoo (dot) com

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  1. Glad to have found your web site/blog, although that’s not completely accurate b/c I think you added me on Twitter. Anyways, this looks exactly like my kind of writers conference and I’m planning to attend. I live in western PA and totally agree with you about PA in October!

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