Stuff Cade Says #1

My son Cade is 6 years old. He’ll be 7 later this month, and I am constantly reminded of this by the non-stop birthday list that is always changing.

But one of my favorite things about Cade is the crazy stuff he says. His sister Lucy (5 years old) is always correcting him, and he comes running, checking for clarification.  I feel like I’m always telling him that Lucy is right.

This constant rightness by Lucy is something he will probably grow to despise in the coming years.

In the mean time, we really enjoy his off-the-wall comments.

Like this one:

Maile was running late and Sam, the baby, was crying because he wanted to be fed (something only Maile can do at this point).

Cade: Dad, what’s wrong with Sam?

Me: He’s just hungry.  Mom’s on her way home.

Cade: Oh.  Are you going to feed him with your knuckles?

Me: What?

Cade: (looking at me out of the corner of his eye) Nupples?

Me: Um, they’re called nipples, and no, I’m not feeding him with mine.

Cade: (looking at me, on the verge of laughing)

Me: Okay, son, let’s talk.


This may turn into a serial post, but that all depends on Cade.  In the mean time, have any kids you’ve been around said off the wall stuff?

My sister Sharalee Halvorsen took this photo.  Check out her website here (she’s available for hire but in high demand).

10 Replies to “Stuff Cade Says #1”

  1. Luke (2) calls bras “overbras”…some strange combination of the actual thing and “overalls.” The only issue: on Sunday he asked to wear his “overbras” to church.

  2. Zacchaeus (my son whose 5) spilled his breakfast on his shirt one day and told me he’d get a clean shirt because the bible told him too, I said the bible told you that, he said yeah it texted me!!!! If only the bible could text me, life may be a bit easier!!HAHA

  3. I had a similar conversation with Julia (5). Dad, whats wrong with Lauren? She’s hungry, Mom is going to feed her when she gets home. Why can’t you feed her? I don’t have any milk for her. DAAAD, we have milk in the refrigerator. That is cow’s milk, Lauren can’t have that yet. Cow’s milk!?? The look on her face as she was trying to process what she had just heard was priceless. Even though we have had several visits to the farm she obviously hadn’t ever needed to make the connection. I am still not sure if she was more concerned that the milk in the frig. came from a cow or that it didn’t come from Mom.

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