Noble or Just Plain Dumb . . .

Noble or just plain dumb that . . .

– Mexico and Uruguay could have sat on the World Cup field for 90 minutes, since a draw would have ensured both went through to the next round. Instead, they battled out a 1-0 game.  Both still went through.

– I leave Panera after four hours, not because I am finished working but because I feel guilty for taking up one of their seats that long after having purchased only an iced tea and a cheese danish

– Bryan Allain shared on video his inability to spell any word with the letters “ph”  (this list does not include fone, faroah or filange – the devious “ph” has to be hidden in the word, I think) – full disclosure: I still cannot spell either of the words he misspelled.

– Tyler Stanton reveals his drink biases HERE

– Anne Beiler of pretzel fame shared a story about the time she tried to use carpets to get her car off of an ice patch. This didn’t end well, by the way.

– In her blog this week my wife owns up to dropping profanities while making pie crusts –  Homemade Pie Crusts: My Arch Enemy

And that’s the “Noble or Just Plain Dumb” wrap for the week.  Anything you’ve encountered recently that caused this question to enter your mind?