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Today’s guest post is written by my wife, Maile. She just started a blog over at . I love to see her finally writing. I know that some of you writers out there are moms, and it’s so hard to find the time to get the words out…don’t give up.  Anyway, the following is the first little bit of her post today, and if you want to read the rest and get her first Manic Monday recipe, click over to her site.

I love food and I love cooking. So I decided to start this blog to legitimize my hours of flipping through cookbooks and magazine, scouring for recipes, and cooking in the kitchen, ignoring the constant cries and requests of my four children.  So please join me for the first of what I hope will be many Manic Mondays for Mai time in the Kitchen.

If you are a stay-at-home mom like me, Mondays usually mean that laundry is at a critical level (your husband has no clean undies and the kids are sweating in their Christmas polar bear pj’s in the dead of summer), the refrigerator is barren (perhaps some wilted lettuce and pickles remain), and the alleviation of  the mess around your house will require no less than a forklift and possibly, if you’re in a really bad mood, a blow torch.  At this point, the inhabitants of your home are lucky if they even get fed on a Monday night, and if they do, it’s probably a bowl of gruel.  But here’s an alternative:  on Mondays, while you’re frazzled and short-tempered, I will have a quick little dinner recipe, tasty yet simple, packaged right here, waiting to be used by you.

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  1. will definitely be trying this!…and blow torching the housework. excellent advice!

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